Quick update on the veg plot

Hi gang

I still haven’t heard from the council if they will deal with rat problem so feel a bit deflated on that front.  However despite our failures we have had lots of successes too.

For example, our onions, garlic and shallots have done marvelously well and I am soooo chuffed with our onions as this is the first time I have grown them from seed after lots of people saying it is terribly hard work to grow them like that.

Our runner beans have done well and have been asked by lots of plot-holders what breed they are as they are so tender and stringless.

The parsnips are doing lovely – lots of healthy growth and hopefully starting to put a bit of bulk on now.  The cucumbers have provided us with more fruits than we knew what do to with and despite the issues we had with the tomatoes I was able to get enough for meals and make a bottle of spicy tomato relish – yummy!

The peas have been totally shameful this year and am ashamed to call myself a gardener with such a poor crop – it is lucky we don’t live in the middle ages where dried peas would be the staple crop to see us through winter however the french beans have provided plenty to make up for them.

We grew a Chantany carrots for the first time this year and how amazing we found them to be, full of flavour and because we grew them in a tub, totally carrot fly free.   Of course we have grown the usual maincrop carrots as well as some purple this year which had a lovely flavour also but found them to be slightly tougher.

The leeks failed as did the celery and the spring onions and potatoes!

However, the swedes are fattening up nicely along with the celeriac and we had some lovely cauliflower curds for the 1st time.

The sprouts are looking as always promising and starting to swell nicely, Im keeping a close eye on them as I don’t want them to blow and am hopeful of a good crop of Kale.

Overall, there have been times where I felt like handing in my notice on both the plots, feeling like a total disaster and ashamed of the quality and quantity of the veg I was able to produce.  Using the weather as an excuse doesn’t really cut the mustard and perhaps I have been a little too cocky this year or, my heart wasn’t truly in it when the plot was underwater until the end of May.

Anyway, that’s our plot this year.  looking forward to clearing some beds and working them for autumn – my favourite time of the year!





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  1. gertie says:

    Sounds absolutely marvellous… a good tip that, growing carrots up high to avoid carrot fly! Bravo Mary :yahoo:

  2. dandlyon says:

    Not a bad year for you Mary allotments are like that up and down., and we always look forward to the next season :yes:

  3. Hi Mary, think we have all had our ups&downs this year with our veg, but as Tony says always next year and the planning is always fun to do on the dark nights :rose:

  4. cilla says:

    Hello Mary, it sounds like you had some really good crops. My Charlotte potatoes did well, my parsnips look good with loads of top growth, runner beans abysmal, peas good, squash and cucs abysmal, tomatoes not brilliant but have made two batches of soup with them. Beetroots good, leeks good, red onions mixed, garlic small, carrots not as good as last year. So we are all different with different soils and climatic conditions. And as the others have said, it is fun planning next year even if we know reality is different! ;-)

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