Walk to Old Harry Rocks

The weather was supposed to be gloriously sunny today!!! OH and I had decided to walk to Old Harry Rocks, have a picnic and pick blackberries. So with picnic lunch, waterproof jackets, comfy socks and walking shoes we set off. Well the cloud turned to drizzle as we got closer to the coast, so we parked the car and found the beach cafe, had a coffee&cake, chatted to a couple who were on holiday from Lancashire in their motor-home,but cycling around each area they visited. We discussed  a few more places for them to visit said our goodbyes. As the drizzle had started to ease we set off with waterproof jackets on.


We headed off to Old Harry, I think a bit is missing though I need to check out some old pictures, there used to be a thin column standing on its own at the end!


This is the cliff top view as I’m not very good with heights  this was a s close as I was going to get!!!

These are the views over to Poole &Brownsea Islands

034 035


We then headed off up the cliffs to find a place to have our picnic, it had started to brighten up by this time. Along the way I saw various wild plants, which I’m not sure of the names.

Pink Clover


White clover & Yellow Rattle? not sure

037 038

Field mushrooms, have never seen or picked these before!!!



Picnic lunch eaten, we headed off to pick the blackberries, we found that most if not all of the bushes had been cut back, by one of those automatic  hedging machines!!!  This is National trust owned land, I thought they would have been more aware of the damage to hedgerows that these machines cause,obviously not.

So after filling the plastic box we had taken, we used our now empty lunchbox, I knew it made sense to eat first pick after. We headed back via the pub for a swift half well for me, pint for OH.

044 045

Whist drinking our drinks on the table opposite  were some very cheeky sparrows eating the leftovers from a  lunch that hadn’t yet been cleared.


These flowers were outside the pub, some wild, but the blue one isn’t, its a lovely little shrub, I wonder if someone cane name it for me as I would love it on my plant list!!!

042 043

Swift half/pint downed we headed back to the car, passing a hotel that had been under new management and was being refurbished over the winter months, what a difference, lots of little thatched places to stay, couldn’t get great pics as their was a six foot wall around them. It is now called ‘The Pig’.

054 055 056


But it had the most fab greenhouse which has gone onto my garden wish list.


These are two views of Old Harry Rocks from the car-park. In the right one  you can see the Isle of Wight (very faintly, it is a long way off!!!)

061 064


This last pic is of our picking and forage efforts, I did get OH to check the mushrooms were edible, Google said they were, we had some for tea, they smelt and tasted delish, so if this blog is full of gobbledygook and strange pics and I don’t click for the next few days they weren’t really edible!



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  1. VegVamp says:

    What a great blog Lynn, thank you I really enjoyed that and what lovely photos too. :good: :-)

  2. Thank-you Karen :rose: It only took 2hrs :wacko: :whistle:

  3. Beanstew says:

    Brilliant pics Lynn – really atmospheric and evocative of a lovely afternoon. I’d give my right arm to have a source for field mushrooms again – their flavour knocks spots off of anything bought in supermarkets and they are free! – just like brambles (and a lot easier to pick.)

  4. Beanstew says:

    You two must live like kings, what with peaches, lovely veggies, and field mushrooms! I wonder that you ever bother to go shopping at all. I would buy a months’ supply of washing up liquid, catfood, and toilet rolls, and stay at home eating my head off.

  5. Beanstew says:

    Just wondering if that delectable blue shrub could be a cerastostigma?

  6. gertie says:

    I thought it might be a plumbago Sheila :scratch: is that the same thing by another name? you know me and names :wacko:
    Lovely blog Lynn, :rose: you did have a super day, and the piccies are lovely…so evocative.
    Dom took Our son to Brownsea Island once on one of those free train day offers. They loved it.
    …and didn’t you get a lot of blackberries AND mushrooms too!! I have never dared :-( guess I should be braver :yes: :rose:

  7. cilla says:

    What a lovely blog and photos Lynn. Agree with Karen, bird’s foot trefoil and it is Cerotistigma which is relative of plumbago I think. Such lovely scenery and yummy field mushrooms. OH wouldn’t eat them but I love them. I think I have read about The Pig and if it is the same one it is quite upmarket and expensive, looks rather nice though. :rose:

  8. Morning all, thank-you all for your lovely comments and the naming of flowers, I shall learn them so as to impress OH when we are next out foraging etc. I shall make a note of Cerotistgma on my plant list, thank-you Karen,Shelia&Cilla.
    We are off on our bikes today, sun is shining B-) glad I have next week off too, to recover ;-) HAGD all :rose:

  9. Walt says:

    The shrub is of the genus Ceratostigma :yes: they are not all hardy but this one is…C. plumbaginoides…the one to get.

  10. Thanks Walt, have made a note on my plant list of must haves :yes: :good: ;-)

  11. gertie says:

    Tried to edit and correct spelling and was marked as spam…..OUTRAGEOUS :rake: :harvest: :lol:

  12. gertie says:

    As I tried to comment, have had a plumbago in Normandy for many years Lynn and despite the overgrowth sometimes surrounding it, it is still going strong! :good: :rose:

  13. dixon says:

    Nice blog lynn, my kinda scenery to. :good:

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