Pres Gardening ….. Cutting the Grass

Pres Gardening

Cutting the Grass

Fat lady mows on the 27th!


It’s useful having the different heights of cut…..more cutting on the 28th.


Raking the cuttings that the mower refused to collect en route was back-breaking, so we tried the blower/sucker!


Yippee! It works ….. getting there ….. more to do tomorrow on the other side.


Anne ….. 28.09.2015

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  1. gibbon says:

    you do work hard the both of you, you could do with a ride on, it is about time you stoped thinking it will keep us fit, and more thinking this could be easer :lol: :rose: :good:

  2. gibbon says:

    either tat or renting it out for graseing, or geese, :whistle: :rose:

  3. gertie says:

    Thank you, :rose: you should know about hard work Cliff :good:
    Lovely idea, a ride-on, but a bit too extravagant :rake:

  4. gibbon says:

    I used to love graft when I had the pub during the alterations they knocked a number of out buildings down, and if you wanted that was were I was stripted to the waste and whealding a 14 lb sledge hammer, I loved it, these days my mind is as willing as it ever was, but my boddy says otherwise, :cry: ….. :lol:

  5. gertie says:

    Know what you mean Cliff…guess we just have to slow-go with the flow :lol:

  6. Looking good Anne, weather looks fab too :rose:

  7. bizzylizzy says:

    lovely big garden anne :yes:
    but can’t see the fat lady anywhere :scratch: :unsure:

  8. shedsue says:

    Get those teds at it Anne…Lazy bears ;-)

  9. gertie says:

    Right Sue….I hear what you say :good: :lol:

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