Daisy Mae and friends at the Pres ….. An Arbour Tale


Daisy Mae and friends at the Pres

An Arbour Tale


Daisy Mae and her friend sat on window sills and looked out onto a misty garden.


On the other side the orchard was even mistier.



Gradually, as they gazed, the mist cleared over the Valley at the back of the house.


“It always does this I’m told,” said Daisy Mae.

“Soon the sun will shine.”


Daisy Mae was right. The sun rose around the church catching the dew in cobwebs ….. “Ooh, pretty!” breathed Daisy Mae and Melody.



….It cast shadows on walls around the house, enhancing the tree shapes.


At lunch time, the Teds had their customary nuts and cheese, but this time they were joined by two newcomers; Piggy Bank, and Zippy.


Zippy was called Zippy because he could zip about in the water, though he was quite happy on land too, being a terrapin.


Teds were keen to explore the Pres garden. They had not seen such a big space, and for a while, just sat and gazed around. From the log under the front room window, Robinson and Brock could enjoy, up close, the plumbago.



“And if you climb higher you can see the dogwood turning pretty colours!” shouted Robinson, down to a rather nervous Brock, who did not like climbing and was being encouraged into all sorts of adventures by his nimble pal!




The dogwood was beautiful and Robison could twist round from his high perch on the fennel and see it quite clearly.



Brock stayed glued to his log, remembering the day before.

Robinson had coaxed him up the branches of the rose hips bush.

He had enticed him onto such a high branch that Brock eventually had to stop.


Brock had frozen!

“Ooohh, I’m stuck!” he moaned. Robinson tried to coax him but to no avail.


The frustrated little squirrel, called to Vladimir, who was big and strong, and liked climbing trees.

“Thank goodness you’re here,” mumbled Brock throwing himself at Vladimir.


Gently, Vladimir slowly half carried a rigid and terrified Brock down from the high branches.


Robinson watched incredulous, and a little shame-faced, but unrepentant.


Poor Brock clung to Vladimir all the way down and did not let go until they were safely on terra firma once more.



“Oooh!” moaned a trembling Brock, “I’m not going up again, no!”

After such a fright, Brock had decided to stay on the safety of the old log where the friends liked to gather each day.


Daisy Mae and Melody liked the borage flowers.


Back on the home table, Lynnette tidied up, whilst Kumba David looked around to see what more photographs he could take.


It was fun at the Pres..


Anne, …..  30.09.2014 ….. [Remembering her Dad, born on this date in 1919.]

This story is for Chelsea, who is good at naming teddy bears.










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  1. shedsue says:

    I liked this one Anne :good: I loved the cobwebbed tree, ..and poor Brock :-( ..thank goodness for Vladimir…what a hero :heart: …..I am sure Chelsea will enjoy this one

  2. gertie says:

    Oh goodee :yahoo: I knew you would like this one Susie :lol: Thank you :rose:

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