there back again

I say there back again “WHAT’S BACK” why the garden catalogue’s of cause

have you had a chance to look through well if raining cats and dogs like it is at our place then its put another log on the fire and relax put your feet up and have a brows

I must say since I bought all those packets of seed on offer at the GS its a job to decide what to buy

so have you seen anything that takes our fancy are going with the same varieties next year well if there produced good results why change unless you fancy something you mite try

it would be I believe very interesting for us all to post  what varieties of veg have been growing and what results you’ve had from these varieties  and that you would recommend we should try together with those that have failed to meet your expectations

I have to say brassicas are my goal and I would love to know what varieties you grew this year did they come up to your standard of growing

all comments great fully received








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  1. gibbon says:

    I have been to bussy to grow much veg this year with having to remove brambles and dig their roots and other invaisef things so only dug a third of it for spuds broad beens and peas but I did grow outdoor tomatoes as usual at home timatay they never let me down are lovely tasting and crop heaver than any normal sized tomatoes that I have ever grown and that includes greenhouse tomatoes and one Walt recomended the small tomato losetto, but grew them at ground level just been for five tiers which I will put on top of each other with one plant in the top, now they realy are a heavy croper and they are sharp but sweet ,they have been picked by the carrierbag full and you carnt see were they have gone from they are still coming ripe every day same with the normal size ones, I used to grow the crosses when you could get them but they have been by F1s and I though them grate but now with these I grow I will never waste the space in a green house again for tomatoes I do better out doors, :good:

  2. gertie says:

    My tomatoes were okay outdoors, though slow, late and much neglected this year ….likewise with my runner beans, though what we have had has been good Roly.
    I grow very few crops as no space but will go with tomatoes, beans and strawberries again, plus the odd blueberry and currants. Hope to have a green house next season, so maybe I’ll do better.
    Will never be up to your standards. Sorry I can’t help much, if at all.
    Have fun with your brassicas :yahoo: :rose:

  3. dandlyon says:

    Roly I find a lot of veg are an individual taste we do not all like the same variety, the area you live in can make a difference to how things grow and taste. My favourite cabbage that always do well for me are Brunswick I give them 2ft in each direction growing space. Cornel is a cauliflower I do well with .Have gone off All The Year Round cauli poor germination. Have sent away for most of my seed , as a member of the national allotments and leisure gardens, we get a members seed catalogue from Kings with most seed half price and just £1 each for postage Specialist onion seeds came two weeks ago

  4. Yewbarrow says:

    summer has been so great this year that the few tom plants I put on the plot, rather than throw them on the compost actually had toms which ripened this year, doesn’t usually happen up here – it has been a great season for veg this year, will grow all the usuals next year and am going to get some seeds for butternut squash – not grown any for a few years, successfully produced a couple of turks head squash which is a triumph as I have tried to grow them for a few years without success

  5. shedsue says:

    It’s been a fab gardening roly…I have been especially pleased with my Sarah raven white cosmos..still going..and to my surprise, fab fennel, wonderous potatoes..vale emerald, Desiree, Picasso and butternut are small but tasty, Parsnips germinated well, carrots about perfect, sprouts doing fab and all my veg seeds are from moreveg :good: great germination and small quantities. Ooooo and my over wintered spring cabbage did so well, I popped more in at the w/e :yes:

  6. cilla says:

    It has been a mixed year for me Roly. Charlotte spuds did well but they always do. Boltardy and Pablo beetroot have done well, peas Onward good, leeks Musselborough always good, parsnips (can’t remember which variety and I am not going up to the shed in the wind and rain to find out :lol: ) Early Nantes carrots okay but overshadowed by the parsnip foliage. Courgettes Defender quite good, cucumber in greenhouse were looking brill but must have got overwatered and died. Italian tomatoes tasty but not many of them. Watercress and rocket good.

  7. roly says:

    well didn’t you all do “well”

    I read with interest your replies that sounds like you where all satisfied with your veg harvest this year

    just like to ask you about some of the varieties you grew Tony have grew Brunswick cabbage as I remember they are quite a large cabbage I had a poor results with this seed this year so never grew them also some grow them for exhibition use also cornel cauliflower that’s a new one on me but it sounds well worth a try

    Turks head squash again never grew that one what do you do with it when you’ve grown it yewbarrow have seen them in the plant catalogue’s

    vale emerald shedsue never grew that variety are they an early or late variety red or white skin?

    also had good results with onward peas cilla

    thanks all for your replies :good:

  8. Beanstew says:

    If the brassica family are of particular interest Roly – can I recommend Kabuki F1 hybrid broccoli? I have grown it for several years because it is a so-called mini vegetable, which can be planted at 10″ – 12″ centres. All I can say is that it produces excellent quality heads and brilliant sturdy side shoots, that just go on and on. (The fact that it nearly drove me mad with its harvest is beside the point). It easily produces just as much as Marathon (with better side shoots) grown at much wider spacing.

  9. dandlyon says:

    Brunswick do produce a large cabbage also good enough to show so it saves sowing another variety.Cornel cauli 13 to 14 weeks from sowing to cutting, handy to know if you have a holiday planned. I sow a few every 10 days otherwise being F1 they all mature together. Algarve French climbing beans do well each year stringless heavy croppers, My favourite peas are Alderman a late variety that crop heavy with large sweet peas A very popular stump ended carrot is sweet candle they live up to their name and very little core

  10. roly says:

    that’s very interesting to note that you recommend I try Kabuki I don’t know if the variety Brokali Atlantis that I bought is from the same stable

    also I have been tempted to try a variety called sticcoli that is a cross between broccoli and Chinese kale as I understand you eat the side shoots and the taste is supposed to be like that of asparagus sow in March harvest-June

    Tony I was told Brunswick was grew for cattle feed by some farmers because of its size but I haven’t seen any grew round hear for cattle feed

    but as I said before Brunswick is a good cabbage to grow for the table a good Brunswick cabbage could last you week if you had cabbage for dinner every day

  11. Beanstew says:

    Sounds the right variety if you want to go on that cabbage soup diet – but don’t know if I want to eat cabbage daily for a week.

  12. dandlyon says:

    With Brunswick my friend Joan will share one with her sister and sister in law, for myself will use a quarter for son and myself then freeze the rest, great for bubble and squeak, From 20 cabbage aim at 4 to show 6 to give away and 10 cut up and frozen last most of the year.
    A good summer cabbage that produces crisp head around 2K is Golden Acre these keep me supplied until the Brunswick are ready, sow at 2week intervals just 6 a time

  13. gibbon says:

    Ithink that Iwill avoid them Tony as I live on my own I grow savoy and they are fasr too big for what I want even though I love them,

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