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I haven’t been up the lotti much the past month, its been manic in our little home – new windows being installed, re-decorating throughout, converting our tiny scrap of weeds (supposed to be a lawn) to a gravel area with pots (really it isn’t worth keeping the grass plus I don’t have a lawnmower or anywhere to store one) and both hubby n I working long hours coming in exhausted and just falling asleep on the sofa before the kettle has had a chance to boil!

Anyway, we popped up the lotti the other day to pot on some garlic we started and check everything was ok, i.e. was the greenhouse still standing, was the shed safe etc… and found a rogue tomato which had self seeded in the floor of the greenhouse.

A pathetic looking thing, tall, skinny, lots of leaves and with several trusses of flowers.  Little did it know that Jack Frost would be arriving any time soon and that would be it’s demise.

I was half tempted to put the parafin heater on just to give it a fighting chance and see if I could get some toms from it but decided it was a waste of fuel and made the decision that it will have to fight/fend for itself.

The garlic is looking strong and healthy, still a few stalks of sprouts to harvest and a cabbage, lots of parsnips and a few carrots in the ground although the slugs are now making a meal from them.

The beds of course are far too wet to dig and so are looking rather battered and weedy, I am most frustrated I cannot get on them to dig them over and have them cleared ready for the spring especially as a friend has just taken on her first allotment (1/2 plot) and has been giving me full descriptions of how she has managed to clear her plot of weeds and its now ready for the spring (ok, she has much drier soil than mine).

I have ordered the seed catalogues and wait with eagerness for their  arrival.   Having read somewhere that some garden centres don’t store their seeds in the proper conditions they require as they simply don’t have the facilities and thus can make them go bad, I thought I would order direct and see if the quality is any better.


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  1. Hello Mary – sounds like you’ve been very busy and it’s no wonder you haven’t been down the plot :-) I loved your description of the rogue tomato – it’s amazing what can happen when we’re not looking, isn’t it?
    It’s really good to have winter veg. My leeks are still growing strong but my parsnips were rubbish.
    Some clickers get their seeds direct and it would be interesting to know where yours come from. I’m trying moreveg on ShedSue’s recommendation and also some stuff from the RealSeedCompany.
    Here’s hoping for a productive year for us all!!

  2. Veggiepatch says:

    Ill let you know where i decide to order this years seeds from and how i get on. :good:

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