productive allotment moment

We had a productive time today, purchased seed potatoes – international kidney which I’ll grow in spud growbags and king Edwards, I chose these two as I love jersey royals and mum used to grow king Edwards so thought id give them a go.


We also sowed in our greenhouse in cell trays 80+ onion seeds, sweet peas, a variety if different lettuces (as an experiment to see if I can have early lettuce).


We also managed to lightly fork over and weed 2 raised beds, the soil level in these are a lot higher than the other so draining quite well despite some of the other beds being very boggy and so far too wet to dig.  One of these beds is our asparagus bed and i wanted it weeded to have a clear bed to move my friends asparagus off her plot now she has given it up into this bed.


As it started getting cold, we packed it in for the day, plus I’d used some muscles I’d forgotten I had, I want to ease myself  into digging again after developing sofa legs from being too slovenly over winter and Christmas!

I hope to transplant the asparagus on monday.  There is also a plum tree I’d like off my friends plot which I may look at digging up this week.

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  1. gibbon says:

    let me know when you lift the kidney, I will pop round, for tasters, :whistle: :rose:

  2. roly says:

    sounds like a productive day by all I must say although I we are eager to get started its far to wet on the allotments and we have fired up the greenhouse heater but then after we leave the greenhouse after banking up the fire with wood burns out and the greenhouse gets cold again :yes:

    so its going to be a little time before we can get seed sowing or cultivating any ground

    its a good job my hedge cutting keeps me going and active till spring because I have no heating in the workshop there’s not much activity there :-(

    short days and long nights gives one a bit of a winter rest but I’m getting itchy feet to start gardening can’t wait for those spring mornings when the ground starts to dry up and one can shake of those winter blues :lol:

  3. karenp says:

    It’s good to get out there, even a bit of digging, have,nt been up my plot to do anything now for 2 weeks as been unwell, but looking forward to getting started again soon :yes:

  4. roly says:

    Hi veggiepatch have you cleaned and oiled and sharpened all you gardening tools cleaned all your pots how about making some plant cloches

    how about a garden diary to remember things you done last year and what to do in 2015 as possible

    what about a garden plan for 2015
    when it raining and I can’t do absolutely nothing outside I site down with a gardening book usually it will be written by Geoff Hamilton or I ask my friends on this site you don’t have to sit in that armchair getting board :wacko:

    come and speak to all of us its good to talk especially to all these professional gardeners with so much knowledge :yes:

    come on veggiepatch come and talk to us :yahoo:

  5. dandlyon says:

    A diary Roly is an excellent idea, have kept one for years, sowing dates ,and what the weather was like at the time, germination dates, planting out dates, and finally maturing dates. These dates are useful when planning your holidays, any one new to veg growing a small rotation map is useful saves trying to remember what was planted where, I have a lot of maturing times for several veg if any one is interested will post it in veg growing

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