as we are approaching the coming season and thinking about seed sowing I thought I would ask if anyone has grew a plant called cordyline from seed

they produce sword-shaped leaves ideal for bedding displays there are two varieties we grow Australis green sword-shape leaves and Indivisa again with narrow green sword shaped leaves with a reddish midrib

I think there well worth growing from seed and add a feature to your summer displays


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  1. dixon says:

    Hi roly, I had two but I bought them as plants, unfortunately I lost them in the bad winters we had a few years ago. Need protection from bad frosts.

  2. roly says:

    we also lost one of our cordyline and it was quite a size but would you believe someone said cut it down to round level and it will grow and it did its about 5ft tall now and has survived 2 winters without covering

    but I agree they really do need covering overwinter but I was surprised how easy they where to grow from seed.

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