Chez Le Pres ….. A Brief Diary ….. Day Seven, Thursday

Chez Le Pres

A Brief Diary

Day Seven, Thursday


The sun gradually crept round the church into the garden.

At the back, the orchard grass was frosty



To call it an orchard now, is somewhat a misnomer as there are few viable trees left. After Alan’s warning about apple tree canker, I also wonder about the merits of re planting with new trees. It is a mammoth task with a thin top layer of soil, hard rock base and the need for help with digging and filling with fresh compost, big enough holes.

We resolved to try to have longer on the next visit. Each time, we just get going and then we have to leave and start all over again; it’s hard.

I wonder if the caterpillar survived?


“Au revoir Pres!”


The trip to the ferry was relaxed and clear, and a furry surprise awaited as we boarded.


Somehow, more of those little critters became tired of hanging about and snook into my shopping purchases.


The trip from the ferry was the best bit! … NOT! … After waiting over forty minutes to disembark [is Thursday night, ‘learner’s night’?] then the usual crawl to the border as a chatty Border Control Officer in a leisurely way, inspected passports, we were soon driven off the M3 by a diversion. Despite trying to follow scant diversion signs, going back up the M3 towards Portsmouth again, then touring around country lanes and villages until our minds were whirling and we were recognising “That’s where we went 15 minutes ago!”, and Dom was rueing the fact that he hadn’t uploaded maps onto his Tablet and I was even thinking “Well maybe we should get a Satnav!” after directions from some locals at an Inn, we eventually did manage to retrieve the M3, very near to Portsmouth, and start over. We arrived home at 01.01 with nowhere to park near the house, and heavy cases and bags to unload silently, so as not to upset the neighbours. A less-than-two-hours trip took four hours.

Then on the following morning I spilt tea all over the bed! Friday the 13th…I’m not superstitious ennit!

That was a day!


Anne ….. 12/13/01.2015

13 Responses

  1. Oh dear Anne, OH knows the joys of the M3 and the roads works etc! Love the pic of the pres such a lovely looking building, the roof is such a fab shape are the rooms ceilings beneath it the same shape. Love the countryside too, I shall long for hills as Ely is very flat :-( but at least the cycling will be easy :lol: :rose:

  2. mick1970 says:

    not good anne………positive side a few more teds rehomed…i do like the winter look in your pics

  3. gertie says:

    :lol:… those Teds!! and yes, could have done with those photos last month Mick :yes: :lol:

  4. cilla says:

    The roof of the Pres looks rather Dutch?

  5. dixon says:

    Dont know how you do it gertie, always on the go, keeping up with two places, looks a grand house. Good to see you back safe. :rose:

  6. gertie says:

    Thank you Dixon, how sweet of you. :rose: As I have been confessing to Cilla, I do get right moody sometimes but we manage to sort ourselves out…so much to be thankful for ennit. :yes: :-)

  7. Hayley says:

    Beautiful quiet spot Anne, the perfect getaway. Do you have someone to keep an eye on it when you’re not there? :yes:

  8. gertie says:

    :bye: Hayley … this is why we chose near to the port. we have friends who sort of keep an eye open. Christiane has a key, and her son uses the orchard for his sheep, which keeps the grass down. We can be in contact at any time :rose: A local friend used to cut the grass but he has retired now. :cry: but he’s a local friend, and his son now trims the hedges and takes care of the Commune’s cemetery etc. Love the place :heart: :heart:

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