Gertie’s Garden, February 2015

Gertie’s Garden, February 2015


Gertie’s garden, after a late fling in January, has been quietly sleeping, relatively and deliberately, undisturbed for a month. There is much de-tangling and pruning and cutting back to be done soon!



Its flower of the month has to be the beautiful hellebore. Most are fluffy and pink but there’s a white, freckled one too.







I love them, and always wait impatiently for them to bloom!

Also in flower is Elephants’ ears …..


…primrose and polyanthus …..



…old leaves and cyclamen are giving a last show …..



…whilst new leaves are bursting out and up!



Evergreen shrubs provide herbs for cooking … Tiny Pond awaits it’s clean up! … cloches protect delicate pelargoniums and new shoots …..


Spring will soon be here, and paths will be cleaned and re-covered, a greenhouse has been promised, and meanwhile, there are hellebores.



Anne …..Gertie’s Garden, February, 2015

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  1. dixon says:

    Lovely blooms gertie, note to oneself polyanthus. :good:

  2. gertie says:

    They have such pretty leaves too :rose:

  3. Lovely Hellebores & flowers :good:
    always strange though all colours fade to pale green once they go over.

  4. gertie says:

    Thank goodness for hellebores Paula. Do you remember the beautiful ones that Malcolm [Roemg] always had in his garden? :rose:

  5. Yes they were always lovely a good plant for this time of year mine are just coming up, which reminds me I must cut the leaves off. What’s happened to Malcolm? I’ve not seen him about for a long time. Anyone know?

  6. gertie says:

    Malcolm is on FB in the GC group Paula. :yes: :rose:

  7. Hayley says:

    Oh Anne, I love your Hellebores. I bet you have lots of seedlings too, always fascinating to see what flower you get! :yes:

  8. gertie says:

    :rose: I love hellebores too Hayley :yes: they are like ‘splendid court cousins’ of the humble wood anemones I used to like in the woods at the back when I was ‘wild woodland child’, making secret gardens and climbing trees :yahoo: !

  9. cilla says:

    You have got some pretty flowers blooming Anne. Those hellebores look frilly, gorgeous. OH bought an “upright” one the other day, has yet to plant it in his acer bed.

  10. gertie says:

    They are pretty Cilla, but I didn’t know that you could get upright ones…My friend in Normandy has some, and I thought that she was just better at growing them than me :wacko: thank you for that :good: :rose:

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