i really enjoyed myself today

I managed to load about 14 wheelbarrow loads of wood clippings from the newly delivered communial like and spread the on the main path between my lotti gate the shed, the greenhouse and the compost bin.

Put fleece cover on 5 shelf mini greenhouse and put that in glass greenhouse and moved more tender seedlings in there for better protection.

Got bonfire going and burnt lots old rotten wood, I love a bonfire on a raining and cold day!

Then I went around and generally tidied the plot, stacked all the bricks, gathered up netting etc put pots away and created 3 sacks of general rubbish for the dump.

I ache but I’m happy and felt I’ve achieved loads.

Stopped for coffee with a lotti friend and stopped again lunchtime when hubby joined me.

It was a fantastic albeit wet day I was down on the lotti 10am -5pm.


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  1. roly says:

    sounds like a very productive day Veggiepatch how did you find time to stop for coffee and lunch :lol:

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