To Montpellier; Sunday ….. An Arbour Tale

To Montpellier; Sunday

An Arbour Tale


Sunday dawned bright and clear, and sunny. It stayed that way all day.

After yesterday’s sunny football afternoon, and wild flower finding we were very lucky to still have such lovely spring weather.



I loved the wild marigolds.


In the front garden there were bubbles.



Percy found a gecko behind a radiator, when it was removed for the wall to be cleaned and painted behind it! He took it into the front garden.


The gecko was almost impossible to see against the old, stone wall.


Charlie and Jonah did colouring amongst the flowers in the sunshine.


Harrison was busily rebuilding the house roof.


When the roof was stuck and ready to paint, Teds came along to join in.


Poor George got red paint all over his bottom and had to be washed and hung out to dry!


What an indignity!


After that Teds were unceremoniously popped into the roof space away from wet paint, whilst Harrison carried on painting.


 During the afternoon Jonah was given a belated birthday present,


And after another tasty supper of curried chicken and rice and veg, and salad and French bread and cheese and yoghourt, all washed down with wine…..


…..Teds tucked up for the night under the new roof.



“Bon nuit Teds!”


Anne ….. March, 2015

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  1. Love the teds new house. very posh :-) so nice to see Grandson helping to smarten the teds residence up. :good:
    Is that 1st pic a yellow bottle-brush plant/shrub :unsure:
    It looks a lot warmer in France than it does here.
    Lovey dog too. :rose:

  2. gertie says:

    Hallo Lynn ….. Grandson was a slave driver… I was [happily :yahoo: ] exhausted by the time we’d finished :lol:
    The first pic is a close up of the glorious mimosa tree in their back garden.
    :yes: It was cold, but clearly not as cold as here, as the garden was definitely waking up to Spring.
    As for Bianka; she is the most lovely berger blanc [white shepherd] I have ever encountered :yes: :rose:
    How are you this afternoon?

  3. Beanstew says:

    I’d sell my soul to have a mimosa in my garden – but the poor thing wouldn’t like Scotland. Lovely photographs Anne – and Dom may have worked like a Trojan and returned exhausted – but I reckon your grandsons had the best of it – lots of attractive distractions from the work going on indoors, with a very attentive and expert grandmother.

  4. gertie says:

    :lol: “Thank you kindly Ma’am” ..she said :rose:

  5. dixon says:

    Lovely set of photos gertie. :rose:

  6. gertie says:

    Thank you too sir :rose: Spring really had arrived there you know :yes:

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