New house

Well the contract have been signed, we are still awaiting exchange and dates, but I can contain myself no longer, with pics of our new home. I want to thank-you all you lovely clickers for all your helpful, humorous, and supportive comments over the past 6 months when this adventure started for OH and myself. So we are almost sorted and probably have a lot less stuff, more room for more!!! So after having lived in this current house for 24 yrs and spending almost 50yrs in Dorset in various towns, having been born in Middlesex Oh in Liverpool,we are  saying goodbye and hello  Wisbech Cambridgeshire and the fens. The house was built in about the 1820’s but has been well cared for and extended and was given the all clear from the surveyor, just a few minor jobs to be done, The garden is a blank canvas and the what will be the veg garden does need a bit of work to make it a area where I can grow hopefully most if not all of our veg, we will have plenty of fruit trees, apple, pear and plum, and a grape vine in the conservatory, yes the roots are in soil not a pot! plus a olive tree too.

The pics I scanned are off the Estate agent blurb so might not be very clear. But it will give you a idea


Chapel House


Chapel house

Back garden

Back Garden

Veg plot

Veg plot eventually

View from house &garden

Fantastic view, Ely Cathedral is in the distance


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  1. Allan says:

    Best of luck on your new adventure Lynn, :good: :rose:

  2. Thank-you Allan, almost there :lol:

  3. gertie says:

    It looks fabulous Lynn and such a lovely big SPACE :yahoo:

  4. :lol: :lol: Anne, pics don’t really do it justice, but I will take more when we move, inside too :rose:

  5. gertie says:

    I am really looking forward to those Lynn….nearly there :yes: … what an adventure :good: :rose:

  6. shedsue says:

    So pleased for you Lynn and OH of course…I hope you will be very happy there :good: The garden looks a delightful space and we shall have to name it something lovely . :yes:

  7. Fabulous, Lynn and I’m really pleased for you :rose: :rose: Contract exchange is so importand – well done :yahoo:

  8. Hayley says:

    Oh Lynn, your new home looks so gorgeous :good: I can see roses around the door and a hearty veg plot, nice, sunny spot too :rose: So delighted for you, fingers crossed all goes well on completion day :-) :heart:

  9. VegVamp says:

    Ooooooooh LYNN! It looks fabulous, love old houses and your garden looks huge. :heart: Way to go girl. :yahoo: The very best wishes to both of you. :yes:

  10. Jenn says:

    LYNN, IT LOOKS SOOOOOOOOOO FAB! The house is picture perfect and the garden is just gorgeous I thought it was a shot of Monty’s Gardener’s World garden! And a view of the ship of the fens…fantastic! I wish you much happiness and fun in your new home and for the start of your new adventure :rose:

  11. Beanstew says:

    CHARACTER and SPACE! Can’t be beat. Will be balm for the body and soul Lynn, when you get yourselves settled. Must confess I thought at one point like Jenn that I had wandered into Monty’s garden – but everything in moderation – you have open space to let your imagination soar too – and I know you must both be very happy at the outcome of this cliffhanger.

  12. Thank-you Hayley, Karen,Jenn&Shelia, getting very excited , anxious all in one at the moment. :rose: I shall take more pics when we settle in and as the garden progresses too, you’ll be fed up with them all :lol: :rose:

  13. Bill says:

    Lovely new house Lynn hope that you and OH will be very happy in your new abode, plenty of room and lots of garden to keep you busy. Enjoy :good:

  14. AliCat says:

    Oooh Lynn, that’s brilliant news, it looks absolutely lovely, I am so pleased for you, it will be wonderful I am sure.
    How big is the garden Lynn?, it looks a really good size, I am sure you will have great fun with it :good:

    • Thankyou Ali, I’m not sure how big the garden is, I will have to measure it, certainly big enough for me to plant lots of flowers and grow almost all of our veg, we have a variety of fruit trees too, apple,plum, pear and a olive tree and a grape vine in the conservatory in the ground , they built the conservatory around it :yes: I’m really looking forward to making it into a home, it has a few maintenance jobs to do before the end of the year, but nothing major. :-) You sound like your having fun in your new home too :rose:

  15. Hopefully you will thoroughly enjoy your new home I hope you will both be very happy there. Happy garden happy home :rose: ;-)

  16. cilla says:

    Oh Lynn, it looks perfect and next to fields as well. I know you will be very happy there and have hours of fun planning your garden. Can’t wait to follow your progress. :rose:

  17. dixon says:

    It looks a grand building lynn with lots of scope, would be nice to step out of the kitchen and grab a bit of veg from the garden. Plenty photos of the progress. :good:

  18. Thanks Dixon, yep it will be great having the veg garden in the garden and being able to pick it and cook it straight away :yes: :good:

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