Spring Arrives in Normandy ….. Following Days In and Around ‘The Pres’.

Spring Arrives in Normandy

Following Days In and Around ‘The Pres’.

Huh! Guess what had been feasting on our apples during the night!

These will be washed and popped into a cupboard in future, until we have eaten them!


Outside, in the cold light of day, tiny violets continue to blossom in the grass.


I look closer at the daffodils in daylight … there are double ones as well as different- coloured varieties of other narcissus.




Over in the corner, underneath the window where the kestrels nest, an old damson tree is blossoming.


The blooms are very dainty and white. Each year the tree is molested by greedy wasps…I’d love to get some of the fruit myself, but guess I’ll just have to enjoy the blossom.


Over near the church, forsythia is beginning to top the little trees by the garden gate.


Today, Saturday, we are halfway up a hill, in a mizzly cloud. After a short trip out in the car I had to be very careful where I parked in the garden as there is a patch of pale blue violets in the middle of the path!


Elsewhere, there are patches of darker blue ones … some are almost white.


The short trip was for photos of lambs but I found something much more exciting.

Down at the end of this muddy track is a woodland area, which after closer inspection, I realised was filled with tiny, wild daffodils …..simply lovely!










From roadside banks and numerous decorated, ditches ….. wild gardens all around …..






…the countryside is waking up. In the Summer I remember foxgloves, but for now, early Spring has brought forth the yellow brigade of primroses, daffodils, dandelions and cowslips, and the fresh green of new grass intermingled with white daisies, and the blues of violets and cyclamen.




There are pussy willows as well … fluffy, yellow male blooms …..


 … snuggling up to green, female ones.



The countryside around here is worth revelling in ….. a good combination of wilderness taking over from, but tempered, by land workers who know when to do and when to leave alone.




Back at the Pres, in a briefly sunlit garden, big bees were flying about. I missed an enormous fluffy bumble bee, but managed to snap a big, black one feasting on primroses under the rosemary by the front door.





Anne ….. 28.03.2015





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  1. shedsue says:

    Lovely photos of Spring and warmth and colour… :good:

  2. Hayley says:

    Like a breath of air as ever Anne. I like the sound of the Normandy countryside, next time I’m driving through France I’ll be taking more note. Do you think you could make it your permanent home?

  3. Beanstew says:

    I know that technically Spring has arrived here – but your photographs prove it to a poor starved Northern gardener who lags weeks behind. I am most impressed by how tidy the Pres looks – even although it is designed to be low maintenance – tis a look I shall strive to attain…..

    • gertie says:

      Teehee! With brother climbing trees and wielding a chopper, and Dom urging me to cut back the riot of bushes I planted [mainly twiggy dogwood in an attempt for self containment,] which he thinks is encroaching … and I don’t! There’s never a dull moment Sheila!!
      I hope your Spring arrives soon…it will creep in slowly, and meanwhile you have heathers and dogwoods and ilex to console you up north for a start :unsure: :rose:

  4. Stunning pics Anne, looks so relaxing and peaceful, so many flowers and they look fab in their natural surroundings, those pale violets are lovely do they have any scent? I have the dark ones, that I have potted on to take with me!!! Enjoy your lovely garden as well as working in it :rose:

    • gertie says:

      In the Summer Lynn, it’s comfy garden relaxers and a crossword book [or whatever] as well as the omnipresent camera of course :yahoo:
      Will get back to you on the scent as haven’t got that close to the ground … YET :lol:

  5. Beanstew says:

    Have spared many tiny seedlings around the violet plants given to me by my brother last year – and hope leaps high in my heart that they are in fact violets…..Will be so disappointed if they are not – but I really think they may well be. Will have violet nosegays and buttonholes – should lift the gardening togs somewhat! :yahoo:

  6. gertie says:

    As there are so many dotted about IN OUR OWN GARDEN, I shall try potting some Sheila, and if they take successfully then maybe one day some shy little French wild violets may find their way to the Highlands :yes: :yahoo:

  7. gertie says:

    Regarding scent, Lynn, they have none, or at least, very faintly little. The range of colours makes up for it though, as far as I am concerned. :rose:

  8. He He Anne, had this vision of you on your knees with your nose to the ground and bottom in the air :lol: :lol: As you say the colours and the daintiness of them make up for the lack of scent, I was thinking of the sweets parama violets and violet scent, guessing it came from the flowers :unsure:

  9. gertie says:

    :rake: :lol: as Dom often says, I do lead with my chin Lynn :lol: Mmm, :scratch: I wonder where those violet scents come from because they are omnipresent and very famous :yes:

  10. bizzylizzy says:

    lovely shot’s anne :good: , i’m sure I’ve seen those violets in our forestry behind the house :scratch:

  11. gertie says:

    You bet Elizabeth. :yes: There is a plethora of them this year, all different shades from white to inky blue, and they are very pretty :yahoo:

  12. Fabulous to see so much in flower, Anne :rose:

  13. gertie says:

    I am thrilled by them all Jane. They are in the lanes, in the fields, in the woods, and best of all, in the garden too. It’s lovely :yahoo:
    I have another diary&pics of the garden, and will now look for better shots of the surrounding countryside for those friends who, like me, love France. :yes: :rose:

  14. gertie says:

    Saw more gorgeous banks of daffodils, violets and primroses in the sunshine this morning…they really are gorgeous :yahoo:

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