Basket Barmy!

Basket Barmy!


Spotted sunrise through the window, then crawled back to bed!IMG_3527.mJPG

“Today, the tip with garden rubbish!” whirled around my head.


The day before had hail and thunder, clouds and wind and rain:

Today, whilst dry, I had to plant more baskets, that was plain.

These two, planted some days ago, are settling down to bloom.



I’m hoping that they’ll start to overflow their baskets soon.

In a well established bowl this pretty plant sits glowing.


It isn’t always good like this, perhaps I should be showing you the naff ones first, that need some work and time, before they take your breath away; before you say, “Hey that’s okay!”


You’ll see, they’ll be like this one day, green, well-established and quite gay [in the old fashioned sense of the word] and very happily growing!


Now these are newly re-arranged and hopefully will grow, to overflow their baskets rims to make a lovely show.


These need some work on them it’s clear, and I won’t shirk my duty.


I want the flowers to wax and bloom and wow us with their beauty.


In Gertie’s Garden, two small rooms, there’s not a lot of ground, so if you’re asking, “What’s it for, this barmy basket-making chore, these scruffy baskets hung galore, these baskets hanging all around?” I’ll state the reason, it’s quite sound.


Those little gardens in the air, which hang there all around,

give Gertie’s Garden much more space for flora off the ground.


I duck and dive and weave between the baskets in the air,


I’m very pleased it gives more space and so I will take care to water and to feed them well and photograph them too, then I can show to all the world, especially to you who read this blog and shrug and sigh, and wonder if I’m mad …..

Well, no I’m not, ‘cos when they’re grown they’ll make me very glad.



Anne ….. 20.15.2015.

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  1. Beanstew says:

    Am overawed by the daily labour of watering and feeding your hanging garden, Anne – but it must look stupendous when going full blast! That tree with the horizontal branches is an absolute Godsend for this – but I must confess that I am very glad I don’t have a similar basket support, because all my baskets would very quickly die of thirst. Takes me all my time to remember my two.

    • gertie says:

      I have to water every day and really should use bigger baskets Sheila :rake: … day :yes: :rose:

      • gertie says:

        Just had a thought Sheila….could you not festoon the dreadful cherry with baskets on your side :unsure: It might annoy the owners :unsure: they might then decide to fell it, though maybe they would see it as an excuse not to fell it and take away support from the dear lady next door….. :whistle:

        • Beanstew says:

          Would need the agility of a monkey to accomplish this, Anne – since any branches capable of supporting baskets are 10 – 12 ft above ground – and I’d be terrified that him next door would simply take it as an encouragement to keep it.

          • gertie says:

            Mmm, see your point: :yes: so even if our tree-climbing days were not behind us, :whistle: It could be counter-productive. :negative: Oh well, you are maybe better off without the barmy baskets then Sheila.
            I hope you have a good, quick day tomorrow after a sweet night’s sleep tonight :heart: :rose:

  2. Yewbarrow says:

    what a display you will have Anne, it will be breath taking, love pots and baskets, hanging or otherwise, they offer such a good display and you can move them around and change the look of your garden as you want – enjoy – your hard work will be worth it

  3. gertie says:

    Hope so Jenny, as it’s pretty naff at the moment :lol: Just hope that my friends can cope whilst I’m away or I ‘ll be starting again mid June :harvest: :lol:

  4. Bill says:

    What a collection Anne!, might I suggest that you use water retaining gel next year. We have used this for many years now and it does work, you only need a teaspoonful in each basket and if you line the basket with perforated polythene that will retain even more moisture. Regarding bigger baskets doesn’t work, you only end up putting more plants in a bigger basket :unsure: :good:

  5. gertie says:

    Oh what a good tip Bill … thanks. :rose: I would love to have baskets as beautiful as yours :yes:
    I’m off to B&Q later with Himself. Maybe I can find some there and add it before I go off for a fortnight…I could furtle around the roots with it as they are as yet so undeveloped :unsure:

  6. They are going to look lovely in a few weeks and a great way of growing so many more plants and making use of the vertical structures in the garden :-) :rose: do you put water retaining crystals in them?

  7. gertie says:

    Hallo Lynn :bye: I hope they will. I deliberately photographed them at the start as they begin, for me, in such a scruffy, dispiriting way, but I know from experience that they do improve ….. so we shall see. After Bill’s useful tip I went out and bought water retaining crystals and mixed them into the new baskets and furtled them into the ready-made ones, well most of them. Hopefully June will bring all sorts of wondrous changes ;-) :rose:

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