Just a short clip have found from past open days some visitors  do not like to be filmed 



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  1. Beanstew says:

    That was lovely Tony – and all very well organised. I’d love to have been there and had a closer look at the plants – and I’d never have got past the home baking. Can quite understand that some people might not like to be filmed – but this glimpse was enough. Thanks for taking the trouble.

  2. gertie says:

    Ah, that looked great Tony…..well done all of you. I only wish I could have been near enough to come along. Hope you enjoyed it after the rain :rose:

  3. VegVamp says:

    Great job Tony, Looks like you need to be renamed The Green Country. Hope everyone enjoyed the day, it all looked wonderful.

  4. Allan says:

    Nice one Tony,Good to see a site with some go in it, :good:

  5. Grand day out then Tony well done to all of you :good:

  6. karenp says:

    Now that looked such a well organised day too :good: and such lovely healthy looking plants, and those cakes looked yummy :yes:
    And as Karen said certainly should be renamed the green country now :-)

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