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Well as most of you know we  finally moved on the 1st of June, looking back I wonder how we did it only 3 working days between exchange and completion!!! never again!!! but we did,lounge 3 days before we moved more boxes in sunroom

long story short it wasn’t without further hiccups as we didn’t know until about 4.45pm on the moving day that all monies had gone where they were supposed to and we could have the keys, (estate agent only gave us 1/2 the keys and as they had finished for the day by the time we  realized!) So  OH and our very new neighbour were disc cutting the padlock off the garage at 9.45pm (Monday)so that the removal men could unload into the garage for Tues!!! The monies were were owed from our house sale, we didn’t get until the Thurs as they had gone into a holding account!!!!! to say our bank account was at its limit was a understatement!!! I have to say if I”m totally honest ,that arriving at about 6.30pm on a grey drizzly rather chilly Monday eve and looking around the house all empty bare and cold and seeing some of the work we needed to do I burst into tears and actually said to OH ‘what have  we done’ but we are now in our 4th week with pictures up, family photos and ornaments dotted around and cushions and the toaster found and boxes disappearing and a few visits to the local pub,it is beginning to feel like home. so here are some pics of the outside.

another part of the back garden back garden 2 back garden

This is the main lawn area outside the house and conservatory it sort of goes around 3 side with paths etc it has no flower beds yet!!!! but lots of potted up plants ready to go in:-):-)and you can see the view from the back garden, nothing but fields between us and Ely Cathedral.

back of dining room, kitchen front gate &side barden path to back of house patio&conservatory

These pics are of the side and back of the house and kitchen&bathroom extension, forgot to mow this bit last week!!! the others are the side and back of lounge and conservatory. As you can see lots of areas for lots of projects.

lupins in veg plotclose up of rose fruit&cut flower beds veg plot flowers in veg plot this is the beginnings of the veg plot, I now have onions, 4 different lettuce, 2 different beetroots, sweetcorn, squash, parsnips&carrots yet to sprout, plus main crop potatoes, which seems a bit pointless when there are fields and fields of them growing around us but you can’t beat homegrown! plus some lovely lupin and rose that are growing at the edge of the plot, some work to do to make it a really workable area but that will come with time and effort. The other pic is of the fruit bed with raspberries and strawberries brought with us, this will be added to and extended later this year and into next year, plus the start of my cut flower/nursery bed. It has now all grown a bit as I took these about 10days ago.

view down to shed, garage &bottom ofgarden view from shed upto house

These last 2 are off the the garden from house to garage and garage/shed to house as you can see its a bit of a walk to the car and bins, need a banana & bottle of water for refreshment half way down:lol: just hope I can see the funny side when its raining and a easterly is blowing across the fields and I have shopping to get to the house! So this is our home now, very different from a 60’s semi with a small garden and a allotment about a mile down the road. lots to keep OH and I out of mischief and possibly lots to get into!!!! I shall do a further blog with the views from the house and garden, thought I had transferred them from the camera obviously not, so you have part 2 to look forward to or not!!!:-):-) Hope this makes sense as pics didn’t load up :wacko: :lol:

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  1. gertie says:

    It makes perfect sense Lynn, in every way, though I think the people who were supposed to help you, estate agents and the like, were particularly inept and unhelpful to say the least…no keys to the garage ?!!! :rage: Now your pictures show a green and serene image and it’s lovely.
    [How do you get them like that in the page? I can’t do it!! :scratch: ]
    Really looking forward to Part Two soon :yahoo:
    Have a long and happy life in your beautiful new home :heart: :rose: xxxxx

  2. Thankyou Anne :rose: As I said never again, but it was worth it.
    I have no Idea how I get them like that I do re-size them all 1st about 12×10 then add them and write underneath,then add more, by hitting the key on the right with the arrow on it :unsure: :lol:

  3. Beanstew says:

    Bags and bags of potential Lynn – and almost as many hedges to clip as Monty Don. I like the garden very much, and those mature trees are a great bonus – it all has a very peaceful feeling. I’d love to be surrounded by fields because I was brought up in the country – but it might take a bit of getting used to, since you lived in town, and had the cameraderie of an allotment site too. Needless to say, Part 2 is eagerly awaited.

  4. VegVamp says:

    When they say moving is stressful, they really mean it. :yes: But it’s all over now so enjoy it. :good: and WOW! You have loads of room, how exciting. Well done on the blog and yes, I’m looking forward to part 2 as well. Thank you, really enjoyed seeing and reading it all. :rose:

  5. Hayley says:

    Oh Lynn, what a palaver you’ve had! Not surprised at all you burst into tears, moving evokes all sorts of emotions, it’s right up there with divorce and grief!
    But hey, what a find you have there :rose: Looks amazingly green and already well tended by you my lovely. It’s a project for you both to share and your skills and creativity will flourish there. I wish you both every happiness in your new home, I’ll look forward to the next instalment eagerly :good: :heart:

  6. Fabulous, Lynn and can’t wait to see your own take on that beautiful load of space :yahoo: Don’t worry about missing lawn – you know the critters love a bit of long grass :whistle:

  7. shedsue says:

    Fabulosso indeed Lynn.. :good: I love the garden…the main thing is…just enjoy it. :rose: xxx

  8. cilla says:

    It all looks lovely Lynn and loads of potential with all that space. Looking forward to blog 2. :rose:

  9. dixon says:

    Spot on sheila, I was going to say have you bought Monty Dons place what with all the box hedging lynn, plenty of scope to go at. Looks great. :good:

  10. AliCat says:

    It all looks fabuloso Lynn :rose:
    I am sure you will have a wonderful time there and that all the stress will melt away into oblivion :yes:

  11. Allan says:

    Well done Lynn. :good: The hard bit is over now, Still a lot of work in hand, But wow, What potential. :rose:

    • Thankyou Allan, It really is slowly beginning to feel like home, but as though we are also on holiday!!! Have been hedge trimming and painting posts etc white as the drive entrance is a little tucked away with the hedges etc, people keep driving by :lol: which could be a good thing ;-) :unsure:

  12. That looks lovely Lynn, I hope you are very happy there. The banks and estate agents do have a tendency to hold on to others money and keys until it suits them and they’ve made a little money for interest. That’s one way to meet your new neighbour and a change from asking if they have a cup of sugar. Here’s hoping that by the autumn those traumas are fading into a misty memory and you are well on your way to feeling that it’s completely home. You’ve already done lots I hope you are both very happy there :rose:

    • Thankyou DF, we have heard that many times about the Banks etc, think I might try it when paying my bills ;-) most of it is now becoming a memory as we make new ones and start to put on our stamp on the house, not in a big way as we like most of it as it is, but some things are going to have to change. :-)

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