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I’ve been thinking……. along with most communities there is a local Flower and Produce show.  It would be nice to have a virtual one, with photos submitted instead of the real versions. With items displayed as you would if attending a real show.  I was thinking about the classes we could have  – A hanging basket & outdoor flower pot, plate of onions, soft fruit, stoned fruit, potatoes, apples,  a vase of 5 mixed garden blooms, 5 of the same variety, floral arrangement (? Need a theme) decorated cake, 6 cup cakes…… longest bean, biggest squash or cabbage…….the list can be long… Ok some are easier than others and sadly we can\’ t taste the cakes or smell the flowers, but it might be fun.  If this was after August bank holiday, photos of what you’ve entered to your local shows, or your harvests with some idea of scale for the biggest heaviest etc.  The mods say we can do this computer wise, with anonymous entries and judges to be decided……

If this is to be our community show , do you want one and what would you like? What classes would you like to enter? A different title than my ordinary one might be a start.

Answers below please within the next 2 weeks, so that our back room guru’s and gods have a chance to put this in place for us.

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  1. dixon says:

    A good idea :good: , Im up for that.

  2. gertie says:

    That’s a lovely idea Paula…you are good at them :heart: :rose:

  3. dandlyon says:

    Count me in , one question how would we submit anonymous pictures ?

    • VegVamp says:

      Duncan suggested we just create a single new “member”. Each person wanting to submit an entry would be given the password for the account. We could create a separate gallery for each “class” to make judging easier. The winners would then just have to “claim” their photograph. Think that should work ok Tony.

  4. Oh good, anon pictures will be handled by the back room gods and gurus and all will become apparent (I think Duncan and Karen et al are beavering away in the background to iron out those details) :good:

  5. Allan says:

    That’s right, But Duncan and Karen are going all out, too get the site up to speed first, :yes:

  6. What a brill idea, Paula :yes: What about:
    Clickers’ Produce and Pretties

    Stating the obvious, pretties includes flowers and decorated cakes ;-)

  7. Beanstew says:

    Could have lots of fun with this idea :lol: especially if we have a class for weedy paths…..Am now re-assessing my patch, and thinking about possible entries, which are pretty thin on the ground. :cry:

  8. Bill says:

    :good: :good: Spiffing idea Paula :rose:

  9. cilla says:

    Your talent is wasted Paula, you should be working for the BBC rescheduling the gardening programmes. Cracking idea , loads of fun. :good: :yahoo:

  10. Sounds like we need a wacky weed & vile veg class as well. :whistle:

  11. Morning all, Any more suggestions for the classes you would want to enter?

  12. VegVamp says:

    Maybe a list of ones so far would be useful Paula? They would all be together and we could “see” better what else is needed. I can edit it in the back to add more if you want.

  13. dandlyon says:

    Please no tidy shed class :lol: :whistle:

  14. Beanstew says:

    Definitely no tidy shed class – but could I put in a plea on behalf of Northern gardeners for a British Monsoon Jungle class where the gardeners stand with noses pressed to window day after day watching the rain soaked vegetation fighting it out for glimpses of sun, controlled only by the gnawing of slugs……

  15. Evening all, the details of the garden and produce show are being finalised. What do you mean by macro Alan?
    Other than that we will be needing to recrute some judges please. So please put your hands up to volunteer but don’t volunteer to judge a class you are likely to want to enter. There will be fruit veg and floral classes along with the odd cake or two. Be plucky chaps and put your hands up to make our flower and produce show a success. Thanks :rose:

  16. gertie says:

    Guess what it is? :unsure: ;-)

  17. Do we want a 2nd produce and pretties show this year?
    If so please bear in mind when growing, producing and flowering and of course baking too….. At a similar time to last year, or later as some suggested so we could have tatties and squash classes too. .

    • VegVamp says:

      Think it would be great Paula, it went brilliantly last year. :good: Hope you are volunteering as show coordinator again, she said with fingers crossed. :-) Can’t even remember what way we set it up now. :confused: :silly:

  18. gertie says:

    That could be fun and very interesting too ….. with perhaps/possibly/maybe a section on plant molesters of the bugs kind?
    The sneakiest slugs? the meanest molluscs? the most destructive larvae?
    Or conversely, The Bugs plants love!
    Or maybe these are subjects for something separate?

  19. :good: Yes that’s fine I don’t mind as long as it’s what members want. I think it was set up as a separate member with those wanting to enter being give the log in details. Each class had a separate gallery. So I’ll also need volunteers for judging classes or groups of classes as well ;-) the class for ‘Bean diastrous’ can also be included, although you don’t necessarily need to admit who won that one if you don’t want to. Ideas please

  20. gertie says:

    :good: Fine Karen… just me looking for new ways to learn how to deal with the varmints :lol: ;-)
    GCShowoffs was the log in title for anonymity as I remember :lol: :rose:

  21. Hi Paula :-) just catching up with posts. I’d be very happy to judge and so please contact me when necessary. I think I suggested a later comp so that squashes could be included. Perhaps we can have an early start date and a later finish date so that people can add the entries as and when they harvest and we judge them all at the end.

  22. cilla says:

    Great idea Paula and ditto Jane’s comments.

  23. Hi all :good: , would entries between 22nd Aug to 23rd sept cover most bases? Or Aug BH until end Sept, therefore prossibly being the sept photo comp. I’ve amended the show leaflet and this includes the disasters along with tatties and squash as it was a bit early for them last year. What other classes would GC’s want?

  24. Hi Paula :-) My vote would go with Aug BH until end Sept. :good:

  25. Dear all, the 2nd Garden Clickers Flower and Produce virtual Show is just weeks away, so please,tend those crops and flowers. Those pots and baskets keep watering and feeding them so they are in beautiful floriferousness for their photographic debut. Like last year I’m on the hunt for judges. please volunteer to judge those classes you’re not going to be entering yourselves. Similar classes are available, some minor additions and deletions. Full programme to be announced later. For those newer members – all are invited to submit photos of your flowers and produce like a village produce and flower show. Done anonymously over a period of a couple of weeks. Oh and it’s not too late to send in suggestions for classes you want to see there. Watch this space. :-)

  26. Beanstew says:

    Just catching up Paula – could I suggest a class for weed infested paths? (cos I could win that one, hands down) – but to be serious, I’ll be a judge if needed, because I doubt that I have grown anything this year worth bragging about.

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