A Brief Summer Diary for July 2015

A Brief Summer Diary for July 2015


On July 1st, Gertie’s Garden still looked fresh and colourful.

By July 3rd. Most of our French Family were here, relaxing after the tiresome exigencies of a fairly long flight from Montpellier Airport.


On the fourth, we had strawberries from Gertie’s Garden, and Foxy obligingly put in an appearance in the car park behind the Glassroom.



On Sunday, 5th, we caught trains to Watford and visited the fabulous film world of Harry Potter.


Monday 6th, saw us looking down to Tower Bridge from its Walkway above!


We had panoramic views over the River Thames…..


…and walking alongside the river there were exotic flowers too!


On Tuesday, we had a day in Crystal Palace, and Harrison helped his Granny to start a new Teds Census and naming of new Teds.. He really got me organised!!


That little breather came before another visit to Central London, where we tripped on the River …


… and the London Eye…..



…and whilst the more intrepid went to the London Dungeons, the rest of us paid a visit to Far Far Away Land, and Shrek!




That was Wednesday 8th.

On the 9th July, my friend, Maria who lives across the road, had a Bar-B-Q in her garden, and with our daughter, Sadie we were able to catch up with some friends and relax.


On the 10th, we caught more trains and buses, great excitement for the little boys with us. We all went to the London Zoo at Regents Park.

The Reptile House had some fascinating critters …


…and the tiger was absolutely gorgeous …..



…but I came away thinking very deeply about zoos generally , and how much good they were [or not] for the wild, animal kingdom of this world. They raise awareness of diminishing species, but the sad eyes of captive gorillas always gets to me, so at what cost?


On Saturday our oldest grandson, Harrison, helped me some more with the C.P.Teds’ Census, bless him, and we had a comparatively quiet day, in preparation for the Sunday, when it was a young friend’s 9th birthday and we joined her and her family in Whitechapel, to celebrate.



Lola’s birthday was on Sunday 12th, and Monday 13th was our last full day with our French Family for this visit. We all trouped off to see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.




From the Palace we made our way into St. James’s Park …..


… where the topiary is still not as good as Malcolm’s! …..


… and after a picnic lunch in front of a watery Canadian Memorial, walked through the park and caught a bus to the Natural History Museum.


We were anxious to see the dinosaur skeletons, but the crowds were so massive that it was difficult to enjoy the experience as much as we had hoped to…..I for one, was glad to get away from the massive, hot, slow-moving queues of people.


That was the day, when to Jonah’s immense excitement, we saw a yellow bus, and following it, a pink one!




That evening, Harry and I sorted out yet more Teds for their Census. I was very grateful for his enthusiasm and he helped enormously.

It went by very quickly, that lovely holiday.

Anne ….. July … 2015.

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  1. Allan says:

    Eventful break, Nice assortment of snaps Anne. :good: :rose:

  2. gertie says:

    It surely was eventful Allan :lol:
    Thanks :rose:

  3. Walt says:

    Hi Foxy :-) …Nice one Anne :yes:

  4. cilla says:

    Oh Anne, what a fabulous time you had, I’m exhausted just following your trips! Beautiful photo of Foxy. I must be the only person never to have seen a Harry Potter film! You went on that glass walkway….OMG, it gave me nightmares looking at the pic, how brave are you? Your family look lovely and you are so lucky to have all those attractions to take them to, George and Charlie would love them. I expect you are feeling strange now they have gone but I’m sure you will be glad of the rest.. :rose:

    • gertie says:

      :lol: Thanks Cilla :rose: … we did wonder if we’d keep up!! :lol:
      I resisted Harry Potter all those years ago, but the children I was teaching kept urging me to read the books, and when I relented and did so, I couldn’t put them down … enviably good :lol: :yahoo: The little ones loved the glass walkway … I found it a bit collywobbling :wacko: … George and Charlie would love it :yes:
      Now it’s quiet…have done the beds and Dom’s mended this machine and now it’s back to clearing out and sorting out after admonishments from daughter!! :lol:
      But I miss ‘My’ Harrison’s help with the census!….. no rest for the wicked! :lol:

  5. VegVamp says:

    What a lovely – and busy! time you had Anne. I’m with you on the hordes of people in queues though, can’t be doing with that anymore. :rose: Looks like your French family had a wonderful time.

  6. gertie says:

    We did thanks Karen :good: It was fabulous :rose: and yes, they enjoyed themselves as well :yahoo:

  7. Lovely to see all your antics, Anne :yes: The tiger and gorilla are both beautiful and I feel the same as you about zoos these days. Zoos are a part of ‘British culture’ we could well do without but I have to accept that those particular animals are likely to be looked after.

  8. Beanstew says:

    You certainly gave your grandchildren a terrific holiday, Anne – and one they won’t forget in a hurry. In fact, they are probably still sleeping it off and talking about their week in London – and I admire the sheer stamina of their grandparents immensely. Lovely pictures, except for the glass walkway which gave me the shudders.

  9. gertie says:

    Haha! That glass walkway took some courage on my part, so it’s a good job I didn’t show you what the little ones were doing on it Sheila :lol: :rose: We just about lasted out energy-wise!!!

  10. dixon says:

    That tiger head shot is a cracker gertie. Looks like he is sneering at you. :good:

  11. gertie says:

    :lol: Actually, he has his teeth into a large joint of fresh meat Dixon :lol: he’s a beaut :yes: :good:

  12. dixon says:

    Lucky burger, I’m on salad. :harvest:

  13. gertie says:

    Hmm…won’t say what popped into my head then ;-) :lol:

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