Gertie’s Garden, July 2015 ….. A Cautionary Tale

Gertie’s Garden, July   2015

A Cautionary Tale



I am holding on to these images from the beginning of July as it’s pretty much downhill from then onwards!


This week I am systematically destroying stuff! It goes against the grain, but I had been warned and advised a number of times, and although I tried to avoid the pitfalls, well :-( ….. the warnings and advice have finally sunk in!

Jane warned me, and I knew myself, that the wiggly willow roots easily but I used them as supports anyway for my sweet peas and beans. What a mistake! The wiggly willow sticks rooted beautifully; they grew leaves, started branches! Sweet peas, and beans too, began to entwine around the stakes, but oh so slowly…why? I can only surmise that the willow was taking all the nutrients from the soil around them.


I have pulled up the willow stakes and binned them.


Along with the stakes, is the netting. I was glad of it to start with. It prevented a variety of cats in the neighbourhood from pooping in my raised bed amongst the plants there. Will I save it for next year?


It has been so difficult to extricate it from the climbing beans and peas, what’s left of them, that I will be glad to see the back of it….can’t tell you how many times I have caught flapping shirt buttons in it too!! What a mess!



There is a little hope that we might retrieve one meal of beans from this tangle, but I’ll not hold my breath!

Then there is that thug, the beautiful, but greedy Cape Fuchsia. Yes it is splendid, but sadly it needs much more space than Gertie’s Garden can give it. I was feeding a nicely growing cutting [ I can do cuttings] of a Hydrangea next to it, with tea leaves, to hopefully turn its flowers blue, and of course, lots of water … we all know hydrangeas like water!

You may just spot the hydrangea to the left of the photo, crouching there after I have started to cut down the Cape Fuchsia. Compared with its potted cousin, it’s tiddly! The thug will be dug up and, pro-tem, potted, and I’ll see whether I keep it next year, or not!


Remember those plans I had to grow strawberries on a vertical pallet I’d collected? Yeah, I remember. Well I ditched that plan, and put the pots of strawberries in between the planted runners and peas on the raised bed. The dry spells, being away at a crucial time notwithstanding I had a kind friend watering, the cold spells, the wild’n’windy spells, all out of seasonal norms, have done for my strawberries this year. They are lumpy, filled with foraging, well-fed wood lice, and naff. Okay, we had a few good ones, and they were delicious, but the rest ….. :-(

I had NO blueberries.

Redcurrants were plentiful, and a few black currants were delicious, but now I have to decide how to get better crops for next year. I am no food grower ….. Help !

It’s time to go out there again and finish cutting down, and tidying up….. and I haven’t even mentioned the rose I all but cut out as it was riddled with Black Spot. Ggggrrrr!!!!


The Cape Fuchsia is now cut to the ground, leaving space for the Hydrangea, Lady’s Mantle and White Campanula to flourish..


Thank goodness for halfway decent barmy baskets!



Nearly sorted, next the daily watering ritual …..



Anne ….. 18.07.2015.

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  1. Sounds like you’ve been ruthless, Anne :whistle: Honestly, your garden always looks fab whatever is twining and winding around things they shouldn’t :yes: But I do understand that a bit of order is needed. Thank goodness Chatelaine must be behaving :rose: :rose:

  2. gertie says:

    That’s another thing Jane :lol: I haven’t seen Chataigne for several days :rake: I think it has been her little boyfriend I spotted the day before yesterday … but I shall not fret as she disappears for days on end, then comes back when she’s ready :yahoo: I am enjoying the ruthless bit, a bit, ;-) so no worries :yes: :-) :rose:

  3. I hope Princess Frog didn’t mind the name change :rake: I think many female species have the right idea – absence makes the heart etc :whistle: :lol:

  4. gertie says:

    I thought the name change was rather smart Jane :lol: If she comes back may continue to call her, Chatelaine Chataigne :yahoo: I have just come in from watering, butterfly-spotting, and general tidying around [you know :yes: ] and I saw prince frog, he’s smaller, darker, pointier-nosed and spottier, but still not her highness, so :unsure: :unsure: Maybe she just didn’t dig him…it is a very small pond :cry: ah well :whistle: ;-) :rose:

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