After talking with Mick p will pass on his advice about over winter onions from seed. Toughball is a favourite and the seed is sown in early September. Then pricked out into either 3in pots or drink machine cups and grown on in a cold green house. The aim is to have the seedling in the greenhouse before they have a small bulb showing. Minimum watering and throw a bit of fleece over the plants if a very cold spell is forecast. These are known as short day onions or Japanese, from seed the choice is wider and if not to big when potted up less chance of running to seed early unlike the over winter sets. Ready for lifting early June. They do not store for as long as the long day onion but for me that would not be a problem I would freeze them once they looked like starting to resprout

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  1. Thanks for that information, Tony :-)

  2. VegVamp says:

    Very useful Tony, thank you. :good:

  3. DTBrown do Tough Ball F1 £1.99 and there is free p&p this weekend – till midnight 2 August for those interested.
    Use this code AUGP1

  4. roly says:

    hi Tony I was thinking about sowing some onion seed to overwinter unfortunately I have missed the DT brown offer

    I looked in moles catalogue and found 3 varieties to pick one was Toughball and two other varieties Senshyu Yellow and Element

    the cultural advise is to sow August so I m going to give them a try I presume you sow in the same way as spring sowings in trays and prick out into coffee cups

    I note your advise about covering with fleece and minimum watering through the winter months

    planting out in a prepared bed in spring the one thing I’m not sure of is using a nitrogen based fertilizer for onions :unsure:

    what fertilizer would you recommend using for onion plants

    also as I understand Tony these varieties mentioned can also be used for spring sowings would welcome your advise on this matter as you seem to know your onions Tony :yes:

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