Wyevale Woodbridge

we decided to have a look round the Wyevale at Woodbridge as we where passing we had been there before  they have a lovely restaurant in the garden centre so just the place for a spot of lunch

my wife suggested we have a look round after a spot of lunch ok seems a god idea

my wife spotted the plant clearance section with 50% off and some down to £1.00 many plants  needing  a little TLC the trolley  seemed to fill up  quite quickly my wife has a thing about plants being saved from the perils of the skip

its a challenge for my wife to nurse them back there where many perennial plants names I hadn’t even heard of coming home to the plant revival centre

although we may need to hire a van to take them  home my wife said it was worth it for the price paid






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  1. cilla says:

    Hi Roly. We were at Bridgemere Wyvale last week and had lunch £10 for 2……..delicious fish and chips. :good:

  2. gertie says:

    Roly … brilliant :yahoo: Am totally with your wife re the plant saving :good: :yahoo: :rose:

  3. roly says:

    morning cilla that’s funny we had the same last week so enjoyable we went back this week and had the same again

    I must say they look after there restaurant better than they do there plants

    my wife wanted to show them how to water there plants she said there not doing it properly the poor plants are not getting water :rage:

    I had to drag here of the plant section before we got bared from the garden centre :whistle:

  4. gertie says:

    Your wife is absolutely right Roly … many plant sellers haven’t got a clue on how to look after the plants…weird really as it’s their living they’re s’posed to be protecting :lol:

    • Beanstew says:

      Must say I agree with Anne. Its pretty unbelievable that garden centres have staff who don’t know how to water plants – but to be charitable, the plants are usually sold on by nurseries just before they really need potted on when pots are full of roots – and the Southern summer must have tipped the balance.

  5. cilla says:

    Good for Mrs Roly. A lot of plants in garden centres look abysmal in August. It is between seasons but no excuse for not watering.

  6. roly says:

    after all that when we did a bit of shopping at Morrisons’s she only went and bought 2 acers’s in large pots for £8.00 each we where told by another shopper who was also buying an acer that he had bought 8 acer’s from Morrison’s over several weeks and they where a good bargain ;-)

    I must say I was surprised at the quality of the plants at Morrison’s and that’s not the end when we came home of our hols today we went tour local nursery to get some compost to pot on what we had bought in and yes the wife couldn’t resist buying some more plant bargains 2 large pots lavender 6 perennial plants 6inch pots for £3.00 and 2 pots of perennial’s in large pots £1.50 each :good:

    as we where leaving the nursery the lady on the till shouted we going to have our daffs and other bulbs in next week I bet you can’t guess where we mite be going next week :lol:

    our friends that have been watering our plants while were on hols shouted to not any more plants :yahoo:

  7. gertie says:

    Plants and bargains are hard to resist, and when they come together … well :unsure: :lol:

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