Twin Teds ….. An Arbour Tale

Twin Teds

An Arbour Tale

Lynnette dreamed of going back to Normandy, to swing in the Birdcage tower …..


…and play with the Giant teddy bears there.


On August 17th, after a whole day and night of being packed in a box with some of her Ted friends, she found her wish come true. The lid was opened ……


….and squashed, frustrated little Teds scrambled out of the box.

As Lynnette emerged, she saw two teddy bears she hadn’t met before.

They looked very alike, sitting, smiling, on some desk paraphernalia.


“Hallo!” said Lynnette, astonished. ” Who are you two? I am sure that you weren’t in the box with us, and you look just like each other!” “I am Piaff, with two Fs, and this is Trenet,” said the little teddy bear with the pink T-shirt.

“We come from the ferry boat, and we are French, and we look alike because we are twins ….. Trenet is my brother.”


“Pleased to meet you,” said Lynnette, “Will you tell us what it was like on the ferry please, because we were in our box and didn’t see anything this time?”

So Piaff and Trenet described their voyage across the Channel on the ferry boat….. Piaff began …..

“We were removed from our places in the ferry shop, [thank goodness we were both chosen together!] and we sat in a cosy cabin on a soft, silky scarf.”


“Later,” continued Trenet, “We went up to a café for cups of tea,” …..


…”And there we were able to watch out of the windows and see the sea.” finished Piaff.


“”Sometimes the sea was silver,” whispered Trenet, “And sometimes it was gold.” finished Piaff, dreamily.


“It sounds lovely,” sighed Lynnette: but she wasn’t sad for long because, soon …


Her little friend, Hermione, had kindly popped her and her friends up in the Birdcage ….. bliss! As Bonka stared around at the paintings on the wall, Trenet and Piaff stared out of the window, and Lynnette sat back lazily and swung!



Outside, in the garden, Hermione made big bubbles.



During their first week it was sunny and hot. Lynnette took her little friends out to the garden where they rolled around in the grass.


Kumba David took photos.


Above them, the old house reared up to the sky, as they enjoyed playing on the wide expanse of grass in their new toy, a Citroȅn Van tin biscuit box.



It was lovely at the Pres: Lynnette was so happy, and she liked their new friends, twins, Trenet and Piaff.

Indoors, the twins chatted with Sparkles, who had decided to spend the night in the tin Citroȅn Van.


She didn’t notice a tall figure behind her, as she settled down cosily.


The twins settled into the travel box and, exhausted and happy, went to sleep.


Lynnette and the others were gently rocked to sleep in the Birdcage



Nightnight all!


Anne ….. August 2015








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  1. shedsue says:

    Thank you for my lunchtime read :good: MORE teds for CP :lol: what fun….(its great to have fun “innit”) :heart: :rose:

  2. gertie says:

    You are very welcome Sue :rose: … thank you :rose: , and yes … I must have fun :yahoo: and those Teds are in for some more surprises yet :lol:

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