TRY! ….. An Arbour Tale


An Arbour Tale



Shouted both Teds together! They were watching rugby football on the television!


They had a good view from the top of the T.V…’s magic!


Outside, evenings were closing in ever earlier, but the lamp outside made inside seem cosy, especially through the old net curtains!



These days, however, “Red sky at night …” did not always auger a sunny day to follow. They were having lots of rain at Crystal Palace!

“Hurrah!” said the Pads’ land lady.

“Who cares !” shouted the Teds. They had things to do and it rarely rained at the Pads, not even in their garden, unless they magicked it to do so.

Outside rain gathered in drops on the ribe berries …..


Inside, on the kitchen table, Teds began painting their latest new Pads!


It was a struggle with a big brush for Sunny Soleil and Bumble, but they managed.


Ripple was quite pleased with his efforts.


“I want our Pads to look something like this Favela that I found on Facebook,” said Ripple.

Favela-hill patterns

“It already does a bit!” laughed Sunny Soleil, and Bumble rumbled agreement, his fluffy tummy shaking up and down as he giggled.


Our two rugby fans had gone back to practise their own skills in the football pitch adjacent to Didier and Henri’s cottage, where Wenlock was watching from a corner. The Teds had changed their names to Chabal and Parra, rugby heroes!


Afterwards they relaxed and chatted about the game between France and Italy.

“I think, that so far, the best team we’ve watched is Ireland.” Said Chabal.


That was at the first weekend of the Rugby Tournament.

By mid week, on the first day of Autumn, [“It’s the Autumn Equinox today,” announced Hedgeley, who knew about these things,] the two enthusiastic Teds had taken Wenlock with them to watch the next round of matches.


Although Japan played fast and hard, it was Scotland that eventually achieved the highest score. Wenlock was very pleased.


In the next match between France and Romania, more Teds joined the group and they all made themselves comfortable on a table in front of the screen. With eyes glued to the T.V., yells of “Try!” and “Vive la France!” rang out in the front room! Teds helped them to win of course.



Gradually, as word got around, more Teds joined the TV watchers.


They winced when players rammed each other to get the ball.

“It’s called tackling!” said Wenlock, exasperated!


“Whatever!”, said Samuel, “It still looks painful; what a dive!”


All the excited yells brought more Teds into the front room to watch.


On Saturday night, it would be the England team playing against Wales, both excellent teams with already a number of casualties. The ‘Stands’ were filling up!


There was much jostling, and cries of “Budge up!” and” I can’t move any more!” until at last, Wenlock shouted,



Anne ….. September 2015

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    And a try is was :good: ….hope they are enjoying the match…Bazza sure is… :lol:

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    Oh yes…gotta go … second half :yahoo:

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