Good or bad year

Where  to begin


It has been a difficult time this year weather wise Allan sent me some beans not long after growth the wind blew them down they did regrow ….Tony gave me some advice  on a carrot soil mix ,cabbages were good tatties were good plenty of toms ,lettuce, cucumber spring onion plenty of chilli and plenty of peas apples and rhubarb. ..cauliflowers onions we’re poor and strawberries turnip sowed to late leeks i forgot about…i also some round carrots there not doing to bad not tried them as yet..the patio area was lovely unorganised chaos honeysuckle clematis dahlias geraniums lavender fuchsias the lawns have been kept at a tidy standards not much work on it as needed ….top part of the garden is getting sorted some plants just took over some  have been  moved more to split…going to pull my finger out as next year i inhereit polytunnel and a new plot ….hapy days ahead errors made but still plenty of success



Well we will start with where we are up to. ..struggling  with meds thats 5 different ones this year drug resistant epilepsy. ..this diagnosis  lennox gassturt syndrome  not sure of spelling ….seizures are hard on her at the moment drop seizures  took her to the park on the roundabout  bang seizure 2 teeth damaged….behaviour problem s starting hard  work …..noticed a lot of craziness when we were in Wales couldn’t eat out to much for her…autism showing i am pretty sure adolescence i say stuck at 5 years…..well she has been offered a trial drug epidiloex which is made from cannabis plant none of the thc which gives you the high this will involve   a lot of time travelling scans bloods …i have  read a lot  about  it been all over the world emailing reading blogs watching videos a lot of positive things ……then the but…..1 in 3 will take a placebo so do i put chelsea  through all the tests travel and the hassle. ..go back to glasgow next week. …i will let you know


And finally ….i did a garden which  is in a lovely area and i did it as a escape for my own sanity. …as i am a career for chelsea i dont work  so anything  i do for them is voluntary it as  keep me sane..well i got a letter being accused of working …trying to explain to them was hard ….you dont things like that for i meet the owners tomorrow for a letter to confirm. …i need that place my garden is good but am not away from my day to day problems. …school holidays is somewhere for chelsea she loves the garden as her age group dont play in the garden any more …chickens, ducks sheep and beauty for her and she is  more than welcome  all that will come ou in the wash… mum being put through the chemotherapy at the moment and dad is going through tests for dementia i need away sometime  a few weeks ago i did disappear on one of my breakdowns 36 hours noone new where i was?…..


I needed a sleep in the shed screwed the door up and slept ….


I still smile so to me i have had a good year











cauliflowers fail onions were poor,not as many strawberries as i would of liked sowed turnip to late

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  1. Allan says:

    Not much I can say about your problems Mick, You have your hands full. Not many people would be able to handle it, If you want any more beans for next year, Just let me know. :yes:

  2. cilla says:

    Dear Mick, you have more than a fair share of troubles and no wonder you feel the need to escape sometimes. Thank goodness for your garden, which sounds really productive even though you haven’t had so much time in it. It is good you can turn to your “clickers” family for support, we are always here to listen. Take care . :rose:

  3. Hello Mick :-) it’s good to write things down, as you have, as it sorts your thoughts and puts things in perspective. Your garden escape is needed and I hope you get the letter sent off quickly. I hope too that you get good advice re the trial for Chelsea. Thinking of you :rose:

  4. Beanstew says:

    You have been re-grouping Mick, or gathering your emotional strength to keep on helping Chelsea in what is a difficult time finding the right medication. Its all the swings between hope and disappointment that knock the stuffing out of us – and when you love someone as much as you love your daughter, you can’t escape it. Do you have her on a ketogenic diet? It often helps when medication is difficult to get right. And I’m bloody mad about that interfering snoopy letter sent to the authorities – you could have done without that. :rage: :rage: :rage:

  5. VegVamp says:

    My Dear Mick, I honestly don’t know how you keep going, but you do and you deserve the greatest credit for that. Doing the odd disappearing act is completely understandable, I’m only surprised you don’t do it more often. Is it not possible to get a little respite care for Chelsea, so that you get a break? I know you love her to bits and are utterly devoted to her, but you would be beggar all use if you ended up ill and that is a danger.

    Good luck with the letter and the garden, and yes, you do need it for your sanity. I hope it works out well. My heart aches for Chelsea and all that she has to go through so in some ways it seems unfair if it is a “blind drug trial”. But if it hastens her getting something that might help then…. I’m afraid it is a call only you and your family can make. You have my best wishes and my admiration. :heart:

  6. shedsue says:

    There is not a word I can type that would help Mick…but I think your bloomin fab :good: and at times, will need a bit of help yourself…I am sure all of us on here, wish we could do something constructive, but as it is, we can only offer friendship and gardening and hope it helps a tiny bit :rose:

  7. gertie says:

    Dear Mick, you know that we are all here for you. I know that this support, tenuous though it is, is important and you need to be able to depend on it, and you can. :good: I echo Sue’s words and thoughts, and send you love and hugs for Chelsea, yourself and your whole Family. Thank goodness for gardens :yes: Anne :rose:

  8. AliCat says:

    Hi Mick, I truly hope that these things are sorted in the best possible way and quickly for you and your family, we are all rooting for you :rose:

  9. dixon says:

    Hi kick, life can be cruel at times and deal you a bad hand but there is always ting to cheer you up, that smile, that flower, a fish on the end of the rod, hope things take a turn for the better for you. :-)

  10. dixon says:

    Sorry should have read mick. :wacko:

  11. mick1970 says:

    Thanks all ….not easy but chelsea needs a strong person. …one thing is for sure it will be what’s best for chelsea. …respite is not for me karen. ..if things get difficult for chelsea we just go for a stroll. .the letter was picked up yesterday. ..things would have been a lot easiar if the system wasn’t a battle i ain’t gonna change for them….for instance i had to fight the local doctors for a medicine because she cant take tablets so they altered it all and all it was down too was cost what right do they have to mess with the prescriptions. The words you type does help….one thing they all know is you will be questioned and told if you look chelsea as a budget ….thanks again mick chelsea :heart: :rose:

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