scum hunters

i was watching the TV news tonight when they reported another scum hunter had murdered a old elephant

i had ask my wife what makes these scum tick who  want to pay thousands of pounds to go and kill a lion or in this case a poor old elephant

its bad enough the elephant’s are hunted by scum for the ivory

i take my hat of to those protesters who hound these scum out of town in America

if someone told me a couple of scum hunters got eaten by lions  or trampled by elephant’s i would crack a bottle or two of something worth drinking and get ?


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  1. Beanstew says:

    They are pretty poor people, Roly. I can understand someone killing an animal if they really need food – but otherwise, no. I think it was originally a macho proof of skill as a hunter (or something) – but nowadays most of these “kills” are set up for clients, and all the client does is press the trigger. Big wow! One thing I used to like about Red Indian culture was the fact that although they killed for food, they had a reverence for life, and always thanked the spirit of the animal that they had killed for food, afterwards.

  2. mick1970 says:

    Look at me i can kill something. reality roly they are sad….its big money business. ..something humans need realise is that we are not the no1 species of this world. Its all about power and money

  3. Allan says:

    Over 10.000 elephants were killed worldwide last year,By poaching for meat and Ivory ,Ivory is supposed to be a banned commodity,How is there still a sale on it for the mid/Far East ?There are hundreds of lions bred each year just for trophy hunters to shoot,So that they can put a stuffed head up on their wall. I have shot water buck for eating,When that’s all we had to eat, but I can’t condone shooting for trophys ,World opinion won’t change things because Zimbabwe doesn’t care about it,When they have the backing of the Russions and Chineese ,There are bigger problems brewing in Africa and South America, It is being taken over by the mostly Chineese,As with all the buyouts here in the west, :-(

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