Autumn Trip to France.

Autumn Trip to France.


Autumn was noticeably on the march as we drove to Portsmouth.

Roadside trees and shrubs were glorious colours and had clearly been planted by an expert in landscape gardening, who knew what would come along in the different seasons.

It was really heart-warming.


The port had the usual working boats scattered around, and I noticed an elderly couple sitting on the dockside watching, as we floated by.

Docksides are furnished in their own intrinsic ways, and I like them. Each has its own character ….. Le Havre is built up right to the portside.



We left the ferry to motor along the roads through Le Havre, taking us to the motorway south and our overnight destination in Orleans, at the same hotel IBIS we stayed at on a former trip.

In the coveted position of passenger I could look closely at the roadside vegetation, and immediately noticed the difference in the sort of flora we have planted in the UK. On this French side of the Channel, there were thick-leaved cabbagy plants and in contrast, blue wavy grasses in the gravel top-dressing … sea side planting for sure.


En route familiar spiky shapes rose in the air!


The view from the round, hotel window was similar to our last visit too.,,,,,


….. and there are trams in Orleans, which I hadn’t noticed before.


After a tiring drive on Friday we both appreciated the changing French countryside … beautiful trees, and rocky hills some topped by ancient castle settlements.



We also had long, slow traffic contra-flow queues on roads closed at one side and blocked for workmen to work on them [mostly NOT!] : tunnels and more red trees.


After Millau, and the magnificent bridge over the River Tarn, we were on the home run.


Our arrival on the familiar roads leading through villages in Herault and the route homewards along the leafy arches of totally impractical but very lovely avenues of Plane Trees were welcome sights to two tired peops.


Soon we were unpacking our bags, surrounded by loving family, including a dog and two new cats ….. and …




… there is a Pomegranate Tree in the garden with ripening pomegranates.


Anne, October, 2015.

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  1. VegVamp says:

    That is quite a drive Anne! Lovely scenery though. :rose:

  2. gertie says:

    :lol: To think I used to do it in a day from the Pres on my own :wacko:
    the scenery is so varied all the way from north to south Karen … love it :yahoo: :rose:

  3. Yewbarrow says:

    Brilliant pics Anne, pomegranates sound so exotic – as a child I used to share a pomegranate with the girl next door, we would cut it in half and then sit on the garden wall and dig out the fleshy bits and eat them – seem to remember our hands got stained quite a bit – happy days, enjoy your visit

  4. gertie says:

    Just tiny scraps through the filthy car windows Jenny, :lol: thank you :rose: It’s a lovely country :yahoo: and yes :yes: don’t they :rose:

  5. Lovely trip, Anne and love the pomegranite pic but hate the fruit :whistle:

  6. gertie says:

    It’s a lengthy but very beautiful drive Jane :-)

    :good: Not that bothered either Jane, with the fruit itself, so fiddly :wacko: but it’s very pretty :yes: :rose:

  7. dixon says:

    Brings back memories gertie, I may have told you I used to do it in three stops. Overnight in Dover then to stops in France on the way to Perpignan. :good:

  8. gertie says:

    That’s about right Dixon :yes: We have the advantage of being further south in England to start with. It’s a fabulous drive at any time of year….just seems to get better :rose:

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