they say its all over

they say its all over at least it is for beach grove and gardeners world that all have there gardening programs finishing this week till spring

I just can’t understand why these programs go into winter  hibernation when there are many many gardening topics that could be discussed over the winter period

gardening to me is not just for summer its for twelve months of the year for instance if I recall the Victorian garden series covered the full twelve months gardening from Jan to Dec

if your a gardener with a greenhouse or poly tunnel then there’s always something to be done not forgetting the if one has a workshop cleaning painting and repairing tools in preparation for the forthcoming season is another option

also the winter months gives you the opportunity to catch up on your seed order and plan your next years crop rotation there’s plenty of topics that could be of interest to extend the TV programs throughout the year

so what do you do in the winter months do you close down all garden activities or in other words are you just a summer gardener or are you a winter armchair gardener do find things to do in those dark damp dismal months

one can always a visit to the garden centre for a cup of tea and a piece of cake on a rainy day



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  1. Of course you’re absolutely right, Roly, gardening never stops but I suppose the film-makers just don’t like rainy gardens :whistle:
    We’re building a pond at the moment; there’ll be leaves to rake for the leaf mould pile until the end of November, if not longer; there’s the shed to clean up; the seed catalogues to read; and planning for next year :whistle:

  2. cilla says:

    The garden programme presenters need a break too Roly and walking on winter gardens with a film crew can do a lot of damage. Don’t despair though, there are usually one or two series of garden type programmes over the winter and Gardener’s Question time is on the radio every week………..and then, ofcourse, there is all of us to keep you going :lol:

  3. roly says:

    I’m sorry to disagree with you Cilla because there’s more to presenting outdoor gardening

    there are many topics that can be presented to keep gardening on the agenda as I said Victorian gardens were based on a twelve month cycle

    that really gave gardeners a breath of fresh air in those winter days there is absolutely no excuse for this to happen its just lethargy on the part of the TV channels and the presenters

    as far gardeners question time its all about ones preferences .

    why don’t the program producers show all the gardens visited in the summer season through the winter then they could devote more time in that poultry half an hour to the actual growing side in the growing season

    of cause I suspect many of the garden producers fly of to somewhere in the sun where the gardens are still looking lovely :lol:

    we seem to be on the same wave length N/T I’m glad you agree gardening is not just for the summer months :good:

  4. cilla says:

    Guess I’m in the dog house :-( When I was gardening for a living I did garden all winter. :yes:

  5. dandlyon says:

    With you on this Roly, Cilia has the right title garden program presenters, or cue board growers. Through Mick I have spoken with some of these presenters, nice people but as far as veg growers most talk about the basic stuff that’s in hundreds of gardening books and magazines. One giving a talk at the Malvern show was going on about Perkla ,you would have thought he had made the discovery of the century, when he asked if we had heard of it he was most put out when we said it had been in use for around 10 years. Have to be honest I no longer watch gardening programs , for real information join a gardening club if there’s one near you, most of the guest speakers that do the circuits really know what they are talking about.End of November Peter Glazebrook [holder of a few world records for heavy weight veg] is giving a talk at our club and will be bringing a selection of his seeds for us

  6. roly says:

    I take your point Tony but there are as I said many topics that could be discussed I haven’t had either the pleasure or possibly the misfortune to meet any of these so called presenters

    and I am a member of the local gardening club and we to have very interesting people speaking on many gardening topics I know from previous questions I have asked on this site you have answered these question in my opinion as a professional gardener so
    to listen to some of these who call themselves professional gardeners makes you smile because you probably know more about the subjects they are trying to answer that is absolutely gobblygook

    but my gripe is that most people including myself love to watch all sorts of lovely gardens including both veg and flower preferably in the winter months and as you know the gardening programs always get a back seat IE sport always takes preference

    but for the everyday gardener who like to watch gardeners world and beach grove gardens I think would welcome some garden progs throughout the winter months to remind us of that lovely warm summer days spent in the garden or allotment

    lets use your comments Peter Glazebrook is visiting you club so why can’t he be invited to a garden prog on the TV and that’s just one suggestion

    whatever’s said there is actually no rime or reason why the good old BBC who’s wages are paid for by the taxpayer should consider putting on a year long gardening prog even if it was scheduled for an afternoon when its brass monkey outside we could sit by the fire feet up and enjoy

    perhaps if Monty was to invite lady C in the potting shed gardeners world would be as popular as east enders :yahoo:

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