they say its all over

they say its all over at least it is for beach grove and gardeners world that all have there gardening programs finishing this week till spring

I just can’t understand why these programs go into winter  hibernation when there are many many gardening topics that could be discussed over the winter period

gardening to me is not just for summer its for twelve months of the year for instance if I recall the Victorian garden series covered the full twelve months gardening from Jan to Dec

if your a gardener with a greenhouse or poly tunnel then there’s always something to be done not forgetting the if one has a workshop cleaning painting and repairing tools in preparation for the forthcoming season is another option

also the winter months gives you the opportunity to catch up on your seed order and plan your next years crop rotation there’s plenty of topics that could be of interest to extend the TV programs throughout the year

so what do you do in the winter months do you close down all garden activities or in other words are you just a summer gardener or are you a winter armchair gardener do find things to do in those dark damp dismal months

one can always a visit to the garden centre for a cup of tea and a piece of cake on a rainy day



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