Gertie’s Garden, December 2015

Gertie’s Garden December 2015


It’s December 1st

Outside the bedroom window, the last, loneliest red vine leaf hangs on a stem amongst the green, never-ripening figs….. the vine leaf fell to the ground two days later.


In Gertie’s Garden I found a pink rose hiding in the golden crackles of dead Clematis vine leaves, its petals satiny in the flash-light!



I have cut off the old hellebore leaves, and removed hydrangea heads that are just hanging about, so as to save them for further use. The rest of the shrub looks strong and on my next foray I shall find a place in the garden to replant it from the pot. Breezy and balmy out there but dark by 16.00 so that was that!

The following morning sun burst suddenly through the clouds, after a rainy night, and the garden was transformed to the one I liked quite a lot.


The pretty, pink rose was still blooming, and Freckles even had buds.





Holly looked all set for the Festive Season shining in the sun over the dark Inglenook.




A lobelia basket still bloomed with blue Lobelia … it looked lovely.


I chased away the wretched unfriendly ginger cat, yet again ensconced under the bird table, and just marvelled in the balmy warmth for a few minutes.


Thursday, 3rd December brought back wet and windy weather, so there were no gardening forays that day.

Friday, 4th December dawned bright and sunny after a wet night. It was sunny all day.

After a blustery, bleak weekend, warm and wet, the garden came to life again on Monday 7th December, and I replenished the bird feeders and took more photos for my records.



The compost corner has had only one empty can chucked over the fence so far .


There are rose buds on Peace ….. which strikes me as a mistake!


There are late flowers and more buds …..


More Freckles and Fuchsias …..



This is too leafy this year, not so many dangly flowers can’t remember its name?…..


…and goodness knows what these blackberries are thinking about!


Hellebores are snuggling their way through the fallen leaves; they now have stalks!



The ribe hedge needs trimming again …


… though I prefer it at this time of year, as it’s almost quite pretty.


I wish I could remember the name of this, it’s a prolific stalwart.


At least the holly has it right now …. lots of red berries!



I have been noting that the strong, bright Autumn colours have quietened a little to more pastel shades in the weakening, wintry sunlight.


On Wednesday morning I deemed it necessary, whilst the sun shone and it was still quite mild, to trim the pavement edge hedge. It went from pretty to flat, and I pooper-scooped someone else’s dog mess up at the same time …yuk!


The sky was a beautiful blue, but a chill was now creeping into the air.




Dom took some of the garden rubbish to the tip along with stuff he had cleared out … result!

Thursday, Dec 10th. Important shopping prevented any gardening in what was a pleasantly breezy, bright morning. This evening, as we ventured off to Greenwich, it was starting to rain again; though luckily for us not heavily like for those poor souls in Cumbria who have been flooded from their homes; bad at any time but now, just before Family festivities for many, heart-breaking. The begonia pots I wrapped loosely against the worst of the cold, are getting a bit of rain, which for the moment is good, but I’ll need to do a better job on them soon.


On Friday I noticed for the second time, that a cutting I took of a Winter Jasmine has a few, fragrant flowers.

December 16th, and after unseasonably warm weather, otherwise wet and breezy at times, the hellebores are shooting up fast, and about to burst into flower.

December 17th, and just look at the hellebores now! Elephants’ Ears are flowering; a tiny potted indoor rose planted out years ago is blooming profusely and there is a red geranium vying for brilliance amongst the holly berries.





I fear for these delicate blooms when frost will inevitably strike them, and will cover Dicentra shoots with a cloche, to try to save them, as they are eagerly popping up too..

We are shortly off to Normandy, where doubtless the grass will need cutting.

Gertie’s Garden lies fallow for the time being, and I shall leave it like that until we return from France in the New Year.


Anne ….. late December, 2015

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  1. All very lovely, Anne :-) It certainly doesn’t look like what we expect of a December garden! I, too, have some little pink roses ;-)

  2. gertie says:

    Looking back Jane, Autumn has lasted longer in previous years, but not seemed quite so bright. I don’t remember buds and shoots coming through quite so soon in earlier years. Do so love the roses :dance: :rose:

  3. dixon says:

    Still a bit going on there gertie, I still have some roses in bloom and a few in bud still, mind you this mild weather certainly helps, nice set of photos. :good: :rose:

  4. gertie says:

    It is mild Dixon ….. thanks :good:

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