The Week Before Christmas ….. Our House …..

The Week Before Christmas

Our House …..


‘T’was the week before Christmas, and all round the house

The rustlings of papers, the clickings of Mouse

Connections so vital of old friends and new

With New Year and Christmas, oh what a to-do!

A list to be made for the clothes we should take

And whether we’d wear this: and what should I make

For supper en route when travelling so far?

Not salmon-en-croute when you’re going by car!

An overnight bag is required for the Pres.

A lot of wrapped presents, “Use bubble-wrap!” he says!

Some tasty mince pies and something to heat,

With tea bags from Assam, ‘cos those you can’t beat!

Postmen delivered some cards and a note

To collect from the office, door knocker not smote !

So it’s up to the P.O. on Monday for sure

There’ll be some to post too, always there is more.

Stamps, cards on the tables with stuff on the couch,

Tapes, scissors and labels, come on now, don’t slouch!

I cook in the kitchen, then he comes in too,

He’s clearing the dish-washer, I hate to do!

I’m trying to open the cupboard for pans

But the dish-washer door won’t allow me, it bans

The having adjacent doors open at once,

Forget that and knock them, oh ggrr! what a dunce!

The ‘phone rings, it’s Sunday, so who can it be?

Thank goodness, Maria, “Have you time for tea?”

“Not really , but thank you, will later on do?”

“Yes perfick, cos then you can see our tree too!”

We’d looked for a small tree, we’d searched all around

Shops, market , street vendors with trees on the ground.

But no little trees were available there:

This Christmas be treeless ! Try not to despair.

My good friend Maria then comes to the door,

She’s holding her coffee, as I make some more.

“Use these over Christmas!” she says with a grin,

And holds out a bag with small Christmas trees in!

There is one made of brass, and one made of wood,

“Oh pretty, a lovely idea, you are good!”

I show her the Teds’ trees and we both agree,

We must have one somehow, the dear Christmas tree.



Happy Christmas! … with thanks to two good friends who have offered trees for Christmas. xxxxx


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  1. mick1970 says:

    Anne Thats a hetic week…..enjoy your family time. :dance:

  2. gertie says:

    it was, :lol: it will be, :lol: it is :lol: Hope you have had a good day with Chelsea Mick :good: :rose: Nightnight :sleepy:

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