Calke Lime Kiln walk

This is partly a test for the size of my blog photos but I also thought you might be interested to see the new walk we discovered at Calke Abbey today. We knew there were old lime kilns on the estate and a tunnel where the trams used to transport the lime but we have never actually done the walk. We did our normal walk through Serpentine Woods and then veered off over the estate until we found the tunnel.


It was very low and dark but not very long. Further on we found the site of the old kilns which were filled up with stones to stop them collapsing and are now covered with grass, brambles etc.





We continued on our new walk, enjoying the lovely south Derbyshire scenery on a beautiful crisp, sunny morning until we found ourselves back in the Serpentine Wood.






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  1. Very interesting, Cilla :-) How big is that pond with the reflections?
    Are these pics set on medium then?

  2. cilla says:

    I couldn’t see anything that said small, medium, large. And when I upload the pics they aren’t pics but writing until I press preview…….heeeelp! :lol:

  3. cilla says:

    Sorry Jane, I forgot to answer your question. The pond was curved and probably the same size again. There are quite a few ponds at Calke.. Shall I take more photos of them for you next time I go?

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