Fernwood Floral Finale the front garden and exodus!

Every time I look at the photos of the garden I wonder why I can’t replicate all that lovely planting over here? One of life’s mysteries. I hope you have enjoyed your trip to Ireland, I certainly enjoyed the memories.

Here is the big border.Fernwood-a-July-06 010 Fernwood-a-July-06 011 Fernwood-a-July-06 013 Fernwood-a-July-06 016 Fernwood-a-July-06 019

I always wanted a hot bed and we were lucky enough to have the room to indulge! Stipa gigantea holds court at the forefront………..a grass I had always wanted the room for, it looks fabulous when the sun shines through it.

Fernwood-a-July-06 017 Fernwood-a-July-06 022 Fernwood-a-July-06 023

The next photo is a view from the hedge by the lane to the back garden.Fernwood-a-July-06 028

The acer bed was OH’s domain and close by was the large pond bed.Fernwood-a-July-06 030 Fernwood-a-July-06 034

The drive beds and, at the bottom of the drive, my favourite combination Lonicera nitida “Baggenson’s Gold” with Verbena Bonariensis behind. Everyone who visited used to remark on it.Fernwood-a-July-06 036 Fernwood-a-July-06 037 Fernwood-b-July-06 004 Fernwood-b-July-06 005

This would be my last view of the garden as I drove off into the sunrise with two cats and a suitcase to board the ferry from Rosslare to Fishguard and a new adventure!

The last few pictures are what I took off Google Earth of the drive and part of the front garden from the lane and a photo of the house over what used to be our field! The date taken was 2009, 3 years after we left. It all looks very different and how I would love to have a peek now.

Fernwood-b-July-06 007 IMG_5322 IMG_5323 IMG_5325

Farewell Fernwood. Hello Herefordshire.





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  1. VegVamp says:

    Oh my word, what a finale Cilla. And what a wonderful job you made of what was a bit of field when you started. A brilliant job and I really enjoyed reading all about it and seeing all those great photos. Loved your planting and am now on the hunt for Stipa gigantic, among other things. ;-) Thank you. :rose:

    • cilla says:

      I’m really glad you enjoyed it Karen especially as you can relate to the climate and the space. That is where Kitten found us as a wee thing who followed our cat up the drive and refused to go away…………..just knew she would be trouble! :lol: You should find the Stipa pretty easily and you have the space for it. It looks best where the evening sun shines through it. :notacloudinsight:

  2. Magnificent, Cilla and when you wrote about taking a final pic from the drive, suitcase packed, it brought a tear to my eyes :rose: Thanks for sharing – now I want Herefordshire, pretty please :-)

    • cilla says:

      He he :lol: We only rented in Herefordshire so never actually made a garden but our landlady gave us free rein in the cottage on the common. I have lots of photos of beautiful places there if you really want more.

  3. Beanstew says:

    Of course we want more, Cilla. We are starved of the sight of sun-kissed flowers and nodding grasses and dreams of what is possible if we only applied ourselves more diligently. At least, I am. I hate the winter, and anything that reminds us of the fact that it always ends, is welcome. A great series of blogs Cilla, by a clever gardener – thank you very much.

  4. shedsue says:

    Yes…Fabulous blog and we DO want more :good: …Its lovely to get an insight into your gardens and your gardening skills. It really is amazing Cills what you did to that place, and shows us/me what can be done :rose: xx

  5. cilla says:

    Thanks Sooz. I will see what I can find on Herefordshire.

  6. gertie says:

    This has been truly inspiring Cilla :good: bravo and thank you for posting it :love: :rose:

  7. dixon says:

    A credit to your great horticultural skills Cilla, we want more please :good:

  8. cilla says:

    Thanks Anne and dix. Combined skills.

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