It’s time to think about getting ready for potato planting. Some of you have the seed chitting , ours for the allotment have not been delivered yet. I don’t do earlies so in no great hurry for my seed potatoes. I recall some one asking about planting distances so have posted a short video showing my planting. I have enough ground for this spacing and potatoes like most vegetables do respond to having a bit of elbow room




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  1. roly says:

    interesting video Tony I like your template if you recall I was asking you about planting potatoes

    I don’t know if you seen my recent topic on the seed potatoes we bought in this year mainly red potatoes for our late crop cara is part of this years planting program

    going to go little wider this year with my row spacing’s as we had a few green spuds last year not quite enough soil covering them because I found the large potatoes where a bit green when lifted

    going to plant early potatoes in a row and in tubs also the potato fertilizer I use is a farm fertilizer potash base

    anyway nice video Tony :good:

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