Gertie’s Garden, January 2016

Gertie’s Garden, January 2016

On January 11th, after a wet and windy night, and some previously warm weather for the time of year, much of the garden was suffering under the delusion that Spring had arrived early. Having put a cloche over some very early shoots, back in November! I did wonder if covering and wrapping was the wisest move … would they lack of water?    Ah well, have decided to give the garden some resting the shoots look healthy so far.


Many flowers refused to die down, but continue to bloom.











By the 18th there are more even though it is growing colder and there was a snowfall overnight on the 16th and a frost overnight on the 17th.


I fear for the heuchera and geraniums if the frosts continue or worsen.


I had fleeting glimpses of robin and blackbird who were on the bird food even before I had closed the front door. They are clearly on the lookout for food all the time in this cold weather. It’s good to see them, and an assortment of titmice too.

On the sycamore at the back, in the Wreck, I still see the nuthatch on sunny mornings, though sadly, no photographs as yet.




These baskets cannot go on for much longer without some coddling against the cold …



… and what will happen to that bud opening on the Camellia bush on the 11th?



On the 20th I looked again, and the bud seemed frozen in time.

‘Standing back’ from the garden, I have been thinking hard about possible changes this year. I always like the way ‘old friends’ come thro’ each season, but feel the need for something fresh, especially in view of past aspirations, as yet uncarried out.

On a bright morning of 28th January, winter berries shone on low winter sun. Again they have not been ripped off the tree by visiting Redwings or Fieldfares as used to happen in the past.


Up the road reflections on the old, Victorian cabinet glass show the terraced houses too, bathed in golden light. Winter is still unpredictable weather-wise ….. we wait …….


Anne ….. 28.01.2016

It’s Sunday, 31st January, and I have just come in from the garden, where it’s cool, wet’n’mizzly and fresh. There are deep pink hellebores I don’t remember so, many of …


The Camellia is blooming! …..


… and other flowers are still romping!


The whole place reeks of fox; I had to pick up the metal horse yet again, and I refilled the bird table with dried mealworms. It’s cracking out there and if I can summon up the time and energy, will do a bird watch after all this afternoon.

January heralds February with a cheery high five.


Anne ….. 31.01.2016

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  1. Amazing what’s surviving and what’s opening, Anne! A kerria flower appeared yesterday ;-) Nice blog :rose:

  2. cilla says:

    It is a ridiculous winter Anne. My pelargoniums and bacopa are still blooming. All sots of other things too but it all looks dank and uninspiring at the moment. Did you see CP park on tv recently? The dinasour? I can’t remember what it was on now.

  3. gertie says:

    Didn’t see it Cilla, but you may have seen a programme about giving Guy the Gorilla [remember him at London Zoo?….oooer, those eyes!!!!] Grade Two Listed Status.
    re pelargoniums ….
    I covered some of mine which might have saved them from frost, but I bet they are slowly rotting away now…daren’t lift the covers aghhh! ;-) :rose:

  4. dixon says:

    Lots budding and growing here to gertie, unbelievable Winter so far……………….but is the worst yet to come? :confused:

  5. gertie says:

    Sadly I have always believed so Dixon :bad: but nevertheless, it is fascinating to observe ennit. :walt: :dance: :rose:

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