Whirligig ….. An Arbour Tale


An Arbour Tale


This Tale is about Evelyn [pronounced, e-ve-lin] Ted, her friend Domenico, and a wretched week of horrid happenings .


It was about Midnight on Wednesday.

Evelyn Ted suddenly felt very giddy.

“Help!” she cried, “Help!”

Domenico shuffled hurriedly along to see what was up.

He found Evelyn bent over some toys she had been tidying in the new Pads’ accommodation area. Her face looked very scared and her eyes seemed unable to focus on him.


“What’s wrong?” said Domenico, putting his paws around her shoulders.


“The air is whirling around and round in front of my eyes!” cried Evelyn, shakily.”I can’t see properly and I feel as though I’ll tip over if I try to stand up.” Domenico tried to help Evelyn to stand upright and indeed, as soon as she did so, she fell heavily against him.


He had to support her as they shuffled their way to her divan, which he’d brought to her on the grass for comfort, and she plumped down onto it with a groan.



Thereafter began a nightmare night when Evelyn was repeatedly sick!


Evelyn Ted and Domenico had been friends for many years, which was just as well as over the following days Evelyn made many diverse demands on his time, patience and strength; Evelyn Ted being no light weight teddy bear! Domenico managed with great care and attention to detail.


It wasn’t all plain sailing. When Domenico was sorting out drinks he managed to almost destroy a delicate plant that Evelyn had nurtured for over a year; Christmas to Christmas. Evelyn to her credit, did not have a hissy fit but assured Domenico that if he popped the snapped stems straight into water and looked after them, and they went on caring for what was left, she might be able to revive the plant when she felt better and was back on her paws.


Evelyn spent the next three days on her divan alternately feeling hot and cold. Her Best Friend looked after her. She couldn’t even open her eyes without feeling very ill for the first day or two. Gradually those eyes began to function better and she was able to begin sitting up without feeling nauseous. By Sunday however Evelyn was aching and sore. Throughout Saturday night she had slept very little and every joint and muscle she tried to rest upon, hurt!


During the day her friend, Domenico, looked after her. He had been reading all about her illness. It had a very long title:- Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo … BPPV.   Privately she thought the medical term, ‘Benign’ rather misplaced, and although she was glad it were there, it made her laugh ruefully. Evelyn thought that a phrase she had once heard:- ‘Use it or lose it’ had a good ring about it. She decided she would move her arms and legs about on the divan and sit up as much as possible.

Domenico helped her through the day. He found an old bookrack on which she could

rest her books, write and read a little, with her head in the correct position …..”This is important,” said Domenico who clearly knew about these things after his careful research.

Evelyn still could not walk very far even with Domenico’s aid. Her fur became clammy and wringing wet, but she had started to eat a little and even drink Teddy-tea. Fresh, cold water, however, was her favourite tipple; and she discovered how absolutely marvellous are Bendy Drinking Straws!


On the fifth day of being unwell yet more complications made progress painful for Evelyn Ted. Her left knee gave her agony when she tried to bend or touch it. Quite possibly her clammy progress to the bathroom on Friday afternoon, when she had travelled the long length to and fro on her paws and knees hadn’t helped the situation. Evelyn Ted was nothing if not determined to get better, but she was a bit rueful about that horrid knee. Her neck hurt too. She was cross. Silly naughty words came as a mantra into her fuzzy head, and she muttered them over and over until she felt silly!


By day six, a Tuesday, Evelyn was hopeful that sooner, rather than later, progress to independent Walking Capability was within reach of being restored. Her knees were rested and although weak, no longer sore. She was increasingly aware of what things gave her pain and how she could mitigate their onset. After midday and a mild, grey morning outside in the Pads Garden it had begun to rain, and a swaying latticework of branches in the trees told her that it was windy. Evelyn was glad that she wasn’t missing any important gardening weather!


It was now another Wednesday, a full, weary week after the onset of her horrid sickness. Evelyn was tired but determined, The night had been tricky; she couldn’t move easily without a sharp pain in her left side rocketing her shrieking to the ceiling! At one stage, after struggling for what seemed like hours, she had given up and woken Domenico, sleeping peacefully nearby. Kind Domenico, finding her spread-eagled across her divan, her paws and legs tangled up in covers and her head slipping off pillows, and perilously close to the edge of the mattress, had immediately come to her aid. To her relief he wasn’t grumpy but helped her to sort herself out and cool down. He freshened the divan, gave her a tablet to take away the pain, and they both settled down again until morning woke them; she, in a clammy discombobulation of covers and he, reluctantly lifting his head from his pillow, visibly tired, poor Domenico Ted!


After a whole week of struggling to overcome a new pain or ache each day and learning to walk without a stick or Domenico’s shoulder, Evelyn most desired to walk confidently again, and to be able to have a bath and wash her long fur, and that just for starters!

Thus by Friday of the second week, eight days from the onset of Vertigo, Evelyn was planning her return to the garden, walking, sorting out pictures for her room and feeling better each day. She had some ideas about a Health Service at the Pads:- a Teds’ Health Service … THS … rather than a Pads’ Health Service, the latter seeming somehow too exclusive and prone to possible problems for other visitors. It could be a rest place where all crook Teds could seek help perhaps? ….. Let’s leave her now with her firm furry friend Domenico still at her side, and new plans and friends on a bright Horizon: lucky Evelyn Ted!


…and Domenico Ted? He took himself off to the opera with his friend Sunny and they both thoroughly enjoyed a cracking performance of Puccini’s Turandot. Domenico loved Opera , but that’s another tale …..



Anne ….. January 20th – 30th, 2016.




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  1. All’s well that ends well, hopefully, Anne :rose:

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    Oh dear so glad to know that things are looking better now :rose: :rose:
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