What a Shower! … Or … Bobs-‘n’-Dom’s Great Adventure! Part one … An Arbour Tale

What a Shower!

Or … Bobs-‘n’-Dom’s Great Adventure! Part one

An Arbour Tale


It was the first of the month, and March madness had descended on the CP Household! Potter and Graciela sat gingerly on top of the cistern in the grimy bathroom, all covered in dust and grubby corners, and looked at the bath!

The cover had been removed from the side of the bath; walls had been scraped down; the bath itself trodden in by working boots and absolutely filthy; and everything [apart from the loo and the wash basin which Anne insisted on keeping clean for goodness sake!!] in a state of unusability!

The little Teds sat on a new contraption that had appeared along with a tall, white wall!


The Teds had watched another white wall being prepared in the Glassroom …..


….. and they sat on the banister post and gawped in amazement as it was carried out of the Glassroom, through the kitchen and into the beleaguered bathroom!



The Teds could see why the bath was getting so dirty! ….. gosh that wall looked heavy!


Dom and Bobs fidgeted with the white wall to see if it would fit properly …..


By this time, word was getting around the Pads that something exciting if not disastrous was happening at the other end of the flat, so Wilhelmina had joined Potter and Graciela to see for herself. Later they repaired to the kitchen and sat on a shelf talking about it all.


“Did you see all those wiggly lines of sticky white stuff on the back of the wall ?”


Potter and Graciela looked for Bob the Builder. “Come and see this wall!” they said.


Bob came to the bathroom to look. By the time they had returned, the wall was stuck and the ‘new contraption’ had more bits added to it!

“Oh yes,” he said, “That’s Multi-panel you have there. Sticks to the old surface … good, strong glue …. very hard wearing!


And this,” he said, standing on the contraption with them, “Is a shower fitment”


Potter and Graciela, clambering about all over the newly fitted bathroom wall, were well impressed by Bob the Builder’s knowledge.

“He knows these things,” nodded Graciela.


Teddy tongue Word was travelling fast around the Pads. Foxley, one of the Head Gardeners, was interested in the idea of a shower, or some other form of watering system and wanted to look.


The dragons, with their love of fire, determined to stay away, but Nessie was fascinated.


Bob the Builder made up his mind to keep an eye on the proceedings.


Anne ….. end of Part One of Bobs-‘n’-Dom’s Great Adventure! ….. March 2016.

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  1. shedsue says:

    Lovin Bob the builder, ..pity he doesn’t do the work when your all in bed and it’s done by morning……..if only ;-)

  2. Way to go, Anne – you want a Ted topic and persuade your fella you need a new shower :lol:

  3. Beanstew says:

    I wish my daughter could have seen this tale before she very slowly and laboriously set out to tile her bathroom before the fitting of her shower cubicle – it might have saved her days of agonising with spacers – although she has done an excellent job. I am not surprised Nessie was fascinated – with his/her antecedents, will probably spend quite a lot of time in the bath or under the shower.

  4. gertie says:

    :lol: When we described the process of using ‘multi-panel instead of tiles to Son, he was most scathing :lol: but it is waterproof and designed for the job, so son has a bit of catching up to do teehee :lol: :devil:

  5. cilla says:

    What a brilliant innovation Anne and good to see the teds overseeing the work ;-) Happy Showering. :good:

    • gertie says:

      It’s impressive stuff Cilla, but needs handling with kid gloves so as not to chip the edges! Not easy to get upstairs in one piece either as very heavy! We couldn’t use the indoor staircase as the bend was too sharp and stairs too narrow, so it had to lifted from the edge of the balcony by a very strong, fit Bobs, balancing between the balcony corner and an old garden wall! I was terrified! :excruciating:

  6. Yewbarrow says:

    love it Anne, and may you have many a happy shower – just had to re-fix some tiles in ours – not as easy a job as when we first did it and of course no Teds to oversee the job either

  7. gertie says:

    That should read … thank you Jenny … my apologies Jenny :love: :rose:

  8. It looks great Anne, a good job done by Dom&Bobs, plus the star builder Bob. Like Sue’s idea though, if it happens, can i borrow him :-) :rose:

  9. gertie says:

    With pleasure Lynn, so long as he returned home to the Pads :lol: :silly: :walt: :dance: :rose:

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