Easter Bonnets ….. An Arbour Tale


Easter Bonnets

An Arbour Tale


One morning, Potter and Graciela came along to the new Woodland Pads, so named because some of the woodland Teds were residing in them, when they came across a box containing three little chicks wearing pretty, paper hats.

These hats were not like the paper hat that Stani made for Loppylugs.



They were not like the three-eyed cap that watched from a banister newel post!


They were not in any way like the helmet which Bob-the-Builder wore.


“They are so pretty!” breathed Graciela, and indeed they were; soft pastel colours with white spots all over them. “They have polka dots!” said Graciela.

Graciela thought about the hats worn around the CP. Pads.

There were official uniform hats. PC Plod Dixon wore his dark blue helmet with a badge on the front; Mounty Ted wore a lovely flat-brimmed Stetson with a Maple Leaf flag on it; the Beefeater Teds had roses around the brims of their black hats, and MacHarrod had a plume attached to his.


Nessie loved his tartan Tam-o’-Shanter that matched his tartan scarf; maybe the tartan was a Hilton Head Plaid? He knew once, but he was no longer sure.


Around the Pads , if you looked hard enough, you could see plaited hats and woven hats …..


….. a simple Rice-Paddy-Field hat …..


… and a far from simple amazing creation worn by Dentella!


Best of all though, were a variety of cosy, knitted hats, that were warm as well as pretty.


Lynnette’s adopted knitted Ted baby had a wee, white beret like Lynnette’s blue one …..



….. and did I mention the felt titfers and the salvaged-from-olden-days creations that toys used to wear, which Teds find and pounce on with great glee?


“I have had an idea!” said Graciela. “What about some newly decorated bonnets for Spring?”


“But we have lots and lots of hats!” protested Potter, who couldn’t see the need for any more.

“Yes, but it’s nearly Spring and soon there will be Easter Parades and fetes and races and all sorts of places to visit and dress up for. We will need Easter Bonnets!” insisted Graciela.


Without further ado, Graciela began to collect. She collected flowers …..



She collected plain hats …..





….. Pink Ted handed over her pink hat, and Trudy offered her flowers from Switzerland.


….. and then Graciela collected a group of enthusiasts and they sat down together to make Easter Bonnets.




Whilst they were busily decorating their collection of hats, some other Teds watched rugby on the television.



“Golly did you see that hat?” shouted Domenico. “It was like a horned Roman helmet!”


“Ha ha!” laughed Potter, “Maybe Graciela and her pals are not so crazy with their hats after all. Just look at those pizza berets!!”



Graciela and her friends were making some splendid creations, and decided to try modelling some of them.

“Look at this!” said Brittany with a twirl!


It was certainly impressive with its long, golden flounce!

As for Little Tot, you could hardly see her underneath her beautiful’ flowery work of art!


Trudi looked at Little Tot.

“That’s very pretty,” she said kindly. “Mine is less exciting I think, though I like the blue.”


“You should try this one!” said Piaff from behind Trudi, “And I’ll have the blue one, it will contrast nicely with my scarlet flower necklace!” and so Trudi had Swiss flowers on her hat.



“We have made q very good start, well done!” said Graciela, who was quite excited and pleased with their bright beginnings.

“We can do some more later!” she said, “But first we need to find more ribbons and flowers.”


Thus the hat decorators began their search for pretty hat decorations, and more hats.

It promised to be a colourful Spring and Easter in their bright, new bonnets, and a lot of fun making them too.


“Hey, but hold on!” I hear you saying dear reader, “What about Pink Ted? Didn’t she get her hat decorated ?”

Let us go back to the Pads and see…..

… Graciela handed a pink, flowery hat to Pink Ted.


“Ooh, is that the pink hat?” gasped Pink Ted, “I didn’t see you decorating it! It’s beautiful!”

“And it’s for you, said Graciela graciously: “Go on, try it on!”


Pink Ted was tickled extra pink with her newly adorned bonnet.

Bixey had a wonderful Easter bonnet too, with roses and a butterfly on it!


Corncat Ted thought it was wonderful ….. and so it was.


Anne ….. March, 2016.


8 Responses

  1. dixon says:

    Plod indeed gertie…………………how very dare you. ;-) x :rose:

  2. gertie says:

    I have no idea where that plod came from :disappointed: Must check the records ;-) x :rose:

  3. shedsue says:

    How very apt :good: ..You have really gone to town with that one Anne :good: ..Lots of work..I have looked more than once at the photos..those hats are just great…Well done those teds :good: ……………………..Thank you fro brightening my Monday :rose: :rose: :rose:

  4. gertie says:

    Thank you Susie ….. you are very welcome :walt: :dance: :rose: It is so easy to forget what HAVING to get up and go to work in the early hours was like!! I have to remind myself how hard you are all working, and can only say, that when your turn comes I hope it’s as much fun as mine :lol: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:

  5. This is fab, Anne, the teds have worked so hard,it will be a great Easter Bonnet Parade :good: :rose: :rose:

  6. gertie says:

    Teehee, thank you Lynn :-) They are still at it, busy little bees, oops, I mean bears!! :love: :walt: :dance: :rose:

  7. Beanstew says:

    I am constantly amazed Anne, by the strength of the expression of your creative urge. It really is exceptional. I think when you were teaching, the children who were lucky enough to be your pupils must have loved you, and loved your classes – unhappily, no teacher nowadays is able to be so free in ways which fire a child’s imagination. Nessie looks perfect to me – and his bunnet and scarf look like tartan – but I don’t honestly know anything about the subject.

  8. gertie says:

    It’s so true that as a teacher now Sheila, I would not have the sort of freedom I had then to teach through creative subjects as I tried to … it was great fun at times and a lot of preparation, but the children were fantastic … sometimes, in latter years, fantastically difficult too ;-) but sometimes I wish I could go over it all again and do some of it better. Hey ho. Off to look at tartans :lol: Thank you for your kind words Mrs. :walt: :dance: :rose:

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