Hats Are Not Just Hats!


Hats Are Not Just Hats!

An Arbour Tale


Corncat Ted sat with a few mates and watched Six nations Rugby on television.

“Colourful boots!” remarked Corncat.


“Ooh, look at them!” cried Muffin, pointing to the funny hats on screen, with what looked like chickens on them, that some ladies were wearing.


“Those ladies are Scottish supporters.” Said Daisy Mae Ted. “The French supporters have red, white and blue headgear … look!” she said suddenly as some red, white and blue bonnets appeared on the TV screen.



“Yes, but French supporters have got chickens too; I don’t get it?” responded Muffin.


“”Isn’t that because the French Team is sponsored by a sports corporation called “Coq Sportif?” said Daisy Mae; who clearly knew about these things!

“Oh, right!” muttered Muffin, “But both sides wear berets!” she said gleefully.


“Mmm, but the Scots call them Tam-o’-Shanters!” responded Daisy Mae knowledgably.


“Oh … yes.” Said Muffin. “But talking of berets, did you see the Pizza Hats worn by Italian supporters yesterday?   They were so funny!” she giggled.


The day before some of the Teds had been watching the Rugby Six Nations games on TV and had laughingly told Muffin all about the pizza hats saying that they looked good enough to eat! She had seen them later on some replayed TV.


Whilst they were watching the televised Rugby, diligent Teds were working at the Pads, making pretty bonnets for forthcoming Spring fetes and of course, a special Easter event.


Basic hats were crocheted by a clever friend and given to the Teds to decorate with plumes and flowers.




Little Sharon Ted came along to help and join in the fun.


The little Teds sat amongst a heap of flowers and bonnets and spent the next few days covering the hats with pretty blooms and plumes.


It was fiddly work but they laughed and chatted as they fiddled, and Cossette, in her chequered headscarf, brought them welcome cups of tea.



“we are making gardens on our heads!” laughed Muffin!



Sharon Ted was in her element amongst the hats and flowers.


She was later given a hat to wear that felt and looked fabulous! She was tickled pink!


Incidentally, did you notice Sheldon’s posh leather gilet? He decided it was so cold that he needed it, and bought himself an Easter pressie. Some other Teds were impressed and will probably find some for themselves before long.


Meanwhile Blue had joined in with hat decorating and made a pretty blue one. Here she is modelling it, next to another pile of assorted and colourful hats made by their special friend.


Teds spent several days carefully adorning their beautiful new bonnets, and as they finished  each bonnet they tried them on and they were well pleased.


Soon all would be ready for their festive weekend.


Anne ….. March,2016. … [With big thanks to special Teds’ friend, Maria, for her wonderful crocheted bonnets.]



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  1. shedsue says:

    More wonderful bonnets for the Easter Parade no doubt..or Ascot…Who will be Mrs Shilling and have the wopper???..what patience you have Anne :rose:

  2. gertie says:

    Hmmm :lol: there are many who say that I have no patience at all Sue … maybe endurance? :lol: I am constantly editing the stories these days. Let’s hope for the better :lol: :rose:

  3. karenp says:

    Lovely Anne :good: and what wonderful hats for all those very lucky Ted’s, and what lucky Ted’s too :-)

  4. gertie says:

    :lol: Thank you Karen :lol: I’ll post the third in the Trilogy soon…it was chaos and great fun :lol: :walt: :dance: :rose: !!

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