Springtime Hat Fest. … An Arbour Tale … [ part 3 of trilogy]


Springtime Hat Fest.

An Arbour Tale.


Teds were having enormous enjoyment decorating their hats for a forthcoming Spring Weekend of partying and fun.


At times some became very tired as the fiddly task of getting flowers to stay on hats in a graceful fashion often proved quite difficult.


There were occasional grumbles and mutterings of “Oh bother!”but perseverance proved successful in the end, and Cossette’s cuppas were a welcome aid.


Graciela, as the instigator of a Hat Fest, sometimes wondered if she were demanding too much of the furry critters working so hard to make everything right.


One look at Daisy Mae and little Sharon Ted had set her mind at rest however; they looked stunning. Sharon was over the moon with her new hat and wore it all the time.


She even set it gently down by her bed at night time and covered it with a fine, white cloth to keep it fresh and dust-free … Weskit looked on in disbelief!


Rugby fans had watched the last of the Six Nations games and more often than not their shouts were not:- “Try!” but, “Oh look at that fabulous hat!”




Easter Weekend dawned bright and clear, though still quite cool.

Polar Teds, who had opted to live at the Pads all through the year in their wonderful, cool Glass House, came out to enjoy the fun in the garden.



Magical birds had flown in and put extra eggs in all sorts of places, though it has to be said that they were not really bothered about hiding them; they were just joining in with the spirit of the Fest and giving them to the Teds.


There were eggs in nests in the trees.


There were eggs hidden in the grass and rocks and other places around the garden.


Cossette looked over the wall and found some posing as stones!

“Hmm, nifty!” she thought:

“That’s how many sea birds hide their eggs: ” she said later to Aimee.


Thus, Aimee knew where eggs had been hidden with stones and showed the Polar Teds.



The eggs were for the Teds to eat, after they had enjoyed the fun of finding them, and some were chocolate eggs from chocolate bird egg layers too!

In the garden, the Jamaican Bird Tree was festooned with beautiful hats.



“These are your Easter Bonnets!” said Graciela. The Jamaican birds were delighted, and sang, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” throughout the day until some of the Teds covered their ears and said, “Enough!”, although they were grinning at the enthusiastic display!

Teds wore their Bonnets around the Pads, some of them on the train, which made many trips … “Poop! Poop! Whoooehwhoooo!” … all the fun of the fair!



The beautiful hats, decorated so lovingly by the Teds, looked splendid.



Now, those of you Readers who think that only gal Teds wore Easter Bonnets, look closely! Boy Teds revelled in the ‘Cavalier’ style of some of the flamboyant plumed creations and strutted around proudly showing them off for all to see. Samuel and Normandy posed in the Garden for all round photo-shoots, enjoying the “Ooh!”s ,”Ah!”s and “Wow!”s of the assembled company of chicks and Teds!


For the more reticent Teds, some of the beautiful bonnets were deliberately left uncluttered by flowers and feathers and were to become favourite gardening hats in future seasons: just take a look at Hedgely behind the sofa!


Aimee was interested in drawing patterns on egg shapes and thought that they might make attractive badges or decorations.


At the Woodland Pads, more chicks had arrived with pretty bonnets and very unusual eggs!


The Pads were rock’n’rolling with chaotic activity, and Teds had a lovely, happy Easter weekend Fest.



Anne ….. March Springtime, 2016 ….. [Once again, many thanks to Maria, special Teds’ friend , who had crocheted so many hats for the Teds.]



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  1. shedsue says:

    I just couldn’t wait till lunch…Oh Anne…that was just fab, :rose: :rose: :rose: it must have taken the teds ages and ages to prepare those Easter bonnets, :love: and the photo’s are amazing, its good to know some will have gardening hats too…Never thought, but we should have done a Easter bonnet competition on here…maybe next time ;-)

  2. gertie says:

    :high-five: So glad that you enjoyed it Susie :lol:
    Grand-daughter came home with one too …
    What a super idea for next year maybe? :walt: :dance: :rose:

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