A “Clicking” Great Day out!!!

A few days ago Hayley contacted me to say she was having a break with her daughter and did I live anywhere near the area they were going. Well, after a consultation with OH and a look at Route Planner, we decided to meet at Stratford on Avon. How excited I was by the time yesterday arrived! We set off at 9 and had a good trip down, caught the Park and Ride bus and arrived in Stratford mid morning. We had a coffee and then wandered round looking at the old buildings.


We then wandered down to the river and looked at the boats, geese, ducks and swans.

IMG_6448 IMG_6447 IMG_6450

And, of course The Royal Shakespeare theatre. We walked along the river in front of the theatre and on the way back we went inside to have a look round. Unfortunately, unless you paid for a tour, we didn’t get to see the actual theatre but, as I am a philistine and can’t abide Shakespeare, that didn’t worry me too much! By now it was getting close to lunchtime so we headed for the arranged meeting place and there waiting   was Hayley and her gorgeous daughter, Kath. As you can imagine there were big hugs and everyone talking at once! However, we calmed down and set off to find an eaterie for our lunch. We found a lovely 40’s cafe where all the staff were in 40’s gear and the menus were Ration Cards. It was lovely. We didn’t really take photos, sadly, as were talking so much, but here are some of OH, Hayley and Kath.

IMG_6455 IMG_6457

You can just see one of the waitresses all dressed up at the back. I had to giggle in the Ladies as, hanging next to the toilet roll, there were  squares of newspaper on a string and it took me right back to my best friend’s bathroom where they did actually use newspaper. (Well there were 6 kids in the family!).

After lunch we walked down to the river where more photos were taken and Hayley took some beauties with her lovely new lens!

IMG_6459 IMG_6461 IMG_6463

We then decided we would like to go on a river cruise………so we did!

IMG_6465 IMG_6468 IMG_6469 IMG_6470 IMG_6474 IMG_6471

That is the church where Shakespeare is buried.

We really didn’t want the day to end so we walked up to the car park where the girls were running out of time and Kath raced along and put some more money in! We then went into the Boston Tea Party cafe which was lovely and had only been open for a week. Of course that involved tea and cake!

IMG_6480 IMG_6481

By this time it was 5.30 and we had to part company. More hugs and tears!

We didn’t put anything on the site about our meeting just in case it didn’t happen but it did and it was the perfect day………..and the sun shone too!

Thank you Hayley and Kath, it was a day to treasure.

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  1. OMG, what a fabulous day!!! I won’t say I’m jealous but I am, I am ;-) Lovely to see you all looking so relaxed and happy and I can see that Kath is the image of our Hayley :notacloudinsight: And I hope Shakespeare appreciates your visit to Stratford during this special year for him :lol:
    PS. I did wonder what you were up to yesterday ;-)

  2. gertie says:

    What a fabulous day out, fab company; fab blog :good: Thank you for posting Cilla, :love: love to you and Hayley too :walt: :dance: :rose:

  3. Allan says:

    What can I say,Nice one too one and all.

  4. VegVamp says:

    WOWSER! :dance: :dance: You sneak not saying anything. :lol: Thank you so much for posting this Cilla, a wonderful day out for you all with much laughter I’ll bet. Great pics and loved reading all about it. :love:

  5. AliCat says:

    Brilliant :good:
    Looks like you had a lovely time ladies :lol:

  6. Hayley says:

    Thank you Cilla lovely! We had such a happy day together and it all went by far too fast. Stratford was featured on the Great Canal Journeys last night and it reminded me of the haunted lock, hope you saw it. :-)

  7. Am glad you had a good time and a sunny day as well :-) they don’t only do Shakespeare at the theatre. The Christmas productions are very good.

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