David Austin Roses

Whilst away on a short break in Shropshire, I found out we weren’t staying very far about 6 mins away from David Austin Roses , so after looking through the catalogue that the landlady had so kindly left in the room!!!! We set off in the afternoon. I wasn’t disappointed, the only disappointment being that I couldn’t afford everything that I liked, not just all the roses, but the lovely tea service that we had our tea& cake on, really fell in love with the design, its been made especially for David Austin roses. But at £18 per dinner plate, cup and saucer, the teapot alone was £48!!etc this will unfortunately remain a dream. I did purchase a climbing rose ‘Malvern Hills’ for the arch  that OH is going to make/build sometime this summer to break up the long straight path from the back door to the end off the garden. Plus a lovely bird feeder, probably totally impractical for the birds and the winds that blow across from the east! The birds up to now have totally ignored it, but I live in hope, it does brighten up the plum tree.

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  1. gertie says:

    I’ve been itching to see that tea pot feeder Lynn :lol: What a cute idea!! :lol: My squidge would love it!! :lol:
    I like the colour of ‘Malvern Hills’ too and I love that fat pink rose…it’s a real old fashioned shape and I bet it smells divine :good:
    What a lovely place to visit [note to self, put it on the list ;-) ] :walt: :rose:

  2. Hi Anne, all the roses were stunning and the smell was lovely too, think it would be fab now as the roses were only just coming into bloom and had masses of buds on them,they had them all growing in the gardens that surrounded the tea room,all very healthy and no weeds and well clipped box and grass :lol: I could have seriously become very bankrupt, on just the roses let alone the tea set :giggle: :giggle:

  3. gertie says:

    Oh Lynn, a scented garden :love: :lol: ….. absolutely lovely :good: :rose:

  4. cilla says:

    Looks a lovely visit Lynn. I must try and get there. I love the bird feeder and the tea service, I bought Malvern Hills when we came here to remind me of Shropshire and am just going to put the pics on. It is beautiful and smells heavenly and, although a rambler, it is repeat flowering, you will love it.

  5. You had a lovely time, Lynn :-) and I love the idea of a repeat rambling rose, Cilla :good:

  6. shedsue says:

    OOOO Lynn…what a lovely place :rose: You did very well to refrain from the tea set ;-) …The rose looks amazing too :good:

  7. Thankyou Jane&Sue, rough calculations for tea/dinner set £600-800 this would be for 8 place settings!!!! thats a lot of roses too ;-)

  8. I’ve a friend who has Malvern Hills, it’s beautiful and she is thoroughly pleased with it. Maybe someone could treat you to a nice mug for your shed tea? They are lovely, even just the teapot would make a lovely statement. I’ve been the DA roses, the gardens are lovely and very well tended. Good choice & am glad you had a good time.

  9. AliCat says:

    I used to love going to David Austin roses before we moved. The rose garden in full bloom is a fantastic sight and a treat to the senses with all the perfumes. Originally there was an old wooden building that served tea and cake and a basic plant sale area but they upgraded it several years ago to the building you see now and the extended plant sale area. I would always come away with several roses and Iris plants as his daughter was breeding perennials. I believe she has her own nursery now, and I believe David Austin’s wife created a lot of the sculptures in the garden. Glad you enjoyed your day out and have a nice memory to keep in the garden :good:

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