Gertie’s Garden Diary End of June to July 2016

Gertie’s Garden Diary End of June to July 2016


‘The Day After’ and Gertie’s Garden was still there.

Old people, who voted in droves, were blamed by young people, only a third of whom who could, voted at all, and so people of my generation are blamed for the catastrophe, as I see it, that we are now OUT of the European connection, and all to be considered as ‘Little Englanders’, or worse still, ‘Doughty Brits’. I feel deeply traumatised.


Yet up in the trees the red roses flourish, seemingly undeterred by creeping ‘black spot’

A Geranium that over-wintered makes lovely splashes of colour with leaves and flowers …


…the last of the Black Elder’s frothy pink umbels decorate the Arbour bed …..


… and Peace reigns.


‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ says the garden.

By 27.06.2016 Jane’s tiny foxglove seedlings are flourishing in the cold frame.


27th and the postman delivered Myosotis seeds which Hayley had kindly collected, dried and packed off to me. I prepared another tray and it now sits next to the one above, and is spread, this morning, 28th, with Myosotis seeds pressed into the damp compost with a handy old fork!


Also, in the top of this cold frame, I saw the genesis of a new ladybird. It began its new life as yellow, all over.



Now it is red, with spots, 12 or 14 spots, I think! The casing from which it emerged looks like a design for armour from ‘Star Wars’!



Up on the balcony overlooking the garden, the blue perennial, Echinacea, is re-flowering, having overwintered.


So it’s not all bad is it? and today, 29thJune, two lovely gardening friends celebrate their birthdays … Many Happy Returns Cilla and Sue. Xxxxx

In the cold frame, all is well so far.


I have cut down some of the diseased branches of the cherry tree, and it is resplendent in gold-sprayed tips!! There is more to do when Dom has time to help, as the bigger, heavier branches over the pavement look suspect too. I am wondering if we shall be able to save it or not; we shall see.

Although we lost all the cherries, last night for supper, we had some of the first red currants.


There are more colours, flowers and beneficial insects appearing …


various yellowsm


and I love the juxtapositions of textures and colours.


The thug, frequently trimmed, is back, and frankly, as deceptively attractive as ever.


It hasn’t been a Traditional ‘flaming June’ in the usual sense, though I’d describe it as definitely inflamed! Nevertheless there are more ups than downs so bring it on, July!


Anne ….. 29.06.2016

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  1. A traumatic June in more ways than one, Anne, but you’ve brightened it up with your garden with just one day to go to July :good:

  2. gertie says:

    Indeed Jane :-) Thank goodness for gardens :good: :rose:

  3. shedsue says:

    Missed this Anne….Wont comment on the politics…but your gardens lovely :rose: ..especially the roses…Are they St Paul’s Scarlet ?

  4. gertie says:

    Thank you Susie…right comment :lol: the garden soothes the soul :good:
    In answer to your question, I don’t know as Mummy planted them to grow into the holly tree and they have been there ever since. Maybe they are, as Mummy had an early connection with St. Paul’s school [Daddy’s Parents’ unfulfilled singing ambitions for him :walt: ] :rose:

  5. gertie says:

    That rose most likely has at last been named…thank you Sue :lol: I looked it up and everything fits :good:
    On an extra note…there was a second ladybird chrysalis from which another ladybird emerged a few days later. :lol:

  6. Yewbarrow says:

    will ignore the politics Anne but the garden is brilliant, just love the pics and what a chance sighting of ladybird emerging, do sometimes come across the young who look nothing like the parents

  7. gertie says:

    Thank you :lol:
    That lady bird was a real eye-opener Jenny; fascinating :good: It has pin-pointed for me, the time when they tend to emerge too :good: :rose:

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