Gertie’s Garden Diary July 2016 ….. Week One

Gertie’s Garden Diary July 2016

Week One

July 1st, vignettes on a wet, wet, wet day….. Peace.


Dame de Court.


July 2nd. Today we put a webcam onto the holly tree ,pointing towards the Blue Hill, to see if it picks anything up overnight. It has started to work and next week, with more free time, we will set it up better to record happenings in the garden.

July 3rd we were out for the day visiting Judy and David who live in Oxfordshire. Their garden still has the pretty garden boxes I remember from the last visit …..


…and their little pond had beautiful lilies flowering in it.


July 6th Today scents and smells have predominated my GG ventures! Outside there is Privet and Jasmine blossom, each with its own exquisite scent. It really is lovely and I am so grateful that my hay fever is not tree blossom invoked! When a child, I enjoyed lilac in our garden in Hornsey; here I enjoy the privet blossom.



When I came indoors, after carefully watering wherever was needed, and putting more straw around more strawberries and the edge of the raised bed, I reeked of fox odour!





The garden is bursting with flower and leaf!






The hydrangeas were wilting for lack of water ….. It’s busy, busy out there.




Up on the balcony, where Echinacea in a basket is being pollinated by something? …


… seedlings are nestling in the top of the cold frame and are progressing nicely.


Today, July seventh, another warm, sunny day when I have already given the tomatoes a drink, and will have to water the rest of G’sG tonight after I sweep the paths … I am recording more vignettes of the busy, pretty garden.








Summer has arrived despite all the weird, wet months of virtually two false Spring times. After the red currants, juicy, fat black currants are now ripening.


Anne ….. 07.07.2016.

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  1. Lovely, Anne :good: Your garden certainly looks packed! What are the approximate dimensions?

  2. gertie says:

    It is chock-a-block Jane :excruciating: The front ‘room and Blue Hill ‘room are approximately 25 x12 feet with a space I call the Inglenook under the holly and cotoneaster trees in the middle; and another bit at the end where the two sheds are situated. I will later post a rough diagram with photos from the roof to try to describe it better :good: :rose:

  3. cilla says:

    You have some lovely flowers Anne, the roses are gorgeous. Peace smells heavenly doesn’t it and reminds me of one of the best neighbours I ever had but who, sadly, never came round from a heart operation :-( It looks very labour intensive like mine but who cares!

  4. gertie says:

    Exactly Cilla-Jane … it is labour-intensive [good phrase that ;-) ] but it’s a refuge too.
    I love to sit with a cuppa, usually brought down by Dom, and watch and listen to the birds :lol: :rose:
    and yes, I love the scent of Peace :good:

  5. shedsue says:

    It’s utterly lovely Anne, so much colour, and for all you say it’s labour’s looks so natural :good: :rose: :love:

  6. gertie says:

    Teehee Sue :lol: It’ natural cos the plants are the bosses and they do their thang wherever/whenever. I love the way they come back each year like old friends. A little bit of me is sad that I can’t make it tidy and serene, but there really isn’t that sort of space. Anyway, I love having a garden :good: :walt: :dance: :rose:

  7. shedsue says:

    My garden has mares tail and the soil is yuk…that’s why I have a lot of grass..and a little bit of me is sad about that..but only a little bit, cos I love my garden too :good:

  8. gertie says:

    Just as it should be, :-) and although grass is extra hard work, it does create such a lovely, calm, green space :good:
    Guess I should send you some London clay … heavy, but good stuff :good:

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