Furry Foibles ….. Part Two

Furry Foibles

Ted Characters at the Crystal Palace Pads Favela, Part Two

Arbour Tale.


Teds at the Pads come from all over the World. Mountie Ted and Racoon arrived from Montreal in Canada with family holiday makers. They run a beautiful Pad, outside of which stands guard, a Canadian Totem Pole: Eagle, Man, Whale, Bear: can you see it?


Two Dragon Teds from IKEA shops as far apart as Croydon and Montpellier have been joined by Draig Goch, the red dragon, from Cardiff in Wales. Draig Goch has been watching the television with his friends to see the Welsh Rugby team and the Welsh Football team playing.


The Dragon Teds live with Nessie, Knitwitch and her sister Witches around the Old Breadbox Theatre. The Witches are always busy entertaining the Teds at Hallowe’en.


At that time of year, little Monster Teds come out to play too. They make Teds jump! Pink Fluff, orange and purple Fraidy, and little, grey Boo hide in the Barn at the back of the Farm Yard.


There are many, many English Teds, some of whom are Londoners, but not all the London T-shirts sported are worn by English Teds. Some of them have come from homes on the ferry boats to and from Spain and are Spanish Teds, like Graciela, seen here on the right, chatting with Muffin [ wearing a titfer*,] and Rose.


Teds from Switzerland have a busy Pad above the Music Room at the Favela. Here they are posing for the camera.


Mozart, a tiny, green Ted who has lived in his house for a long time, plays the piano beautifully. He was brought up in St Albans.


Gregarious Teds from Portugal like to play the guitar.


They are glad to have a Music Room to Play in: the room is often crowded!


A pillar of the Pads community is P.C. Dixon Plod and he runs the Police Station at the Pads Favela. As he is seldom very hard pressed to solve crimes (there tend not to be any) he makes himself useful in other ways. During the Council Election last year, he turned the Police Station into a Polling Station and supervised the Ballot Box.



*********************End of Part Two*********************

Anne ….. July. 2016

  • titfer … tit-fer-tat=hat. [Cockney rhyming slang]

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  1. shedsue says:

    Look at all those teds, living in peace and harmony…. we can learn a lot from those bears ;-) :love: :rose:

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