Furry Foibles ….. Part Three

Furry Foibles

Ted Characters at the Crystal Palace Pads Favela, Part Three

An Arbour Tale.


We all know that Teds are kind and caring, and we see that demonstrated every day with the help and attention given by the Grey Teds to little Shirley Ted, who has to manage with all her bandages.


No one would expect less than common sense and caring from Lynnette Ted, who adopted baby knitted Ted, Humphrey, and who became Councillor for the Pads by a unanimous vote. Just look at Humphrey! He is growing up fast!


Lynnette came from Poole in Dorset, where she lived for a short while with a lady who worked an allotment, so Lynnette has a strong interest in gardening, as well as fulfilling her maternal instincts with Humphrey.

Being voted Pads Councillor has given her the opportunity to exercise her skills for the benefit of all the Teds. Here she is, with Hedgeley, addressing Teds in the Pads Garden.


We know too how hardworking and ardent are many other Teds about their gardens. Hedgeley Ted and Foxley Ted, joint head gardeners at the CP Pads, frequently visit Gertie’s Garden [which belongs to their landlords] to gain fresh ideas and learn about growing seasons of plants and flowers. For example, Hedgeley was most impressed with the pink florets of blossom on the Black Elder when he visited in May.


Hedgeley makes it his business to know the names of plants too; for example he would call Black Elder, Sambucus Nigra. He likes to know about these things.



Foxley liked the herbs, especially the thymes, growing in the Herb Sink.


The Pads has a big garden area, and Foxley built a walled area with soft, green grass and an Arbour in it, as a place where Teds could chill and enjoy themselves; and they do.


There are many individual Teds with different talents at the Pads. You may remember reading about Biggles …



… and his friend, Algy, by the tent.


These two Teds like flying and camping, so they sleep in a tent next to a rather fine Pad at the Pads, and have surrounded themselves with a collection of model aeroplanes.


Meet some of the bigger Teds too.


They take good care of the little ones if they need help, and like their other Big Ted companions they enjoy living at the Pads and going on trips, reading and playing music. Two of those are Molasses and Quackers.


Quackers has quite a good voice they say!


There are many more characters at the Pads and we shall meet them in following chapters.


End of Part Three.

Anne ….. July 2016.

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