Garden Clickers 2nd Produce and Pretties Show 2016

Hello Fellow Clickers                                              Roll up! Roll Up!

The 2nd Produce and Pretties Show is almost upon us.   Please see attached the leaflet for you to download should you wish to take this to the summer house, allotment, shed or garden to plot which classes you would like to enter and also which you would like to judge.  Veg Vamp and myself have details of the log on and password needed for you to post your entries.  Please let me know what classes you could judge – but not ones you enter.  I can let you know your judging panel closer to the judging dates. There will be ‘Best in Show’ awarded for each class and Best Overall for both Produce and Pretties.

To enter the Show there is no entrance fee, other than needing to log on separately as a different member –  GCShowOffs is the log on.  But if you want to enter,  you will need to contact either of us for the very secret password so we can keep the entries anonymous.   For each class there is a different photo Gallery.  Some classes have changed from last year & hopefully there is something for everyone.  The Show ground is open from August 26th until 30th September, so please submit your entries between these dates. The Show will go on despite any inclement weather.  Any queries or questions please ask.

So Gentle Folk, you have the catalogue of entries, you have the produce and pretties, &  plenty of time to get your cameras out & take pictures of your floriferous blooms, and succulent successes.

Good Luck One and All & here’s hoping there are lots of entries to make this years Produce and pretties show a resounding success. Thanks to Karen for help with this.

Down load the Leaflet here: GCShow2016 (opens in new tab)


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  1. gertie says:

    Dear Paula, thank you very much for all your terrific organising :good: :rose:

  2. cilla says:

    This looks great Paula, you have worked so hard. Thank you. :love: :rose:

  3. VegVamp says:

    Entries are now open for the 2016 GC Show, so get those photos in everyone. You need to log on as user – GCShowOffs and PM Paula, Allan, Hayley, Group Administrator or me for the password.

    Once you log on, go to the profile area (click GCShowOffs name or avatar), then click “Media” then “Albums”. Each class has its own Album so just upload your entry to the relevant Album.

  4. :lol: The Show is open. This is off to a flying start thank you. With entries good enough to eat so far and flowers beautiful enough to grace absolutely anywhere. Well done chaps keep them coming in. I’ve a list (shortish) of volunteers for judging, thank you. Please can you pm me with details of the classes you could judge please? Apart from Walt – thank you for your details.

  5. The entries are coming in Please continue to photograph your gardens, produce and flowers to enter into our competition. The entries so far have raised the bar quite high ladies and gents. So please polish those tomatoes and primp those flowers, and hide the weeds.
    @cilla, @hayleyagora, @sheila, would you please let me know what you are willing to judge please? I’ll be off line next week and not back on again until Saturday. so would like to get the judging panel finalised this weekend. @raggedjack and @northernteacher, I already have your responses thank you.
    We will need Best in Class, then Best in Show for the following categories, you may need to liaise with fellow judges.
    Vegetables (classes 1-10)
    Fruit (classes 11 & 12)
    Flowers (Classes 13,14 & 16) ) and
    Flowers (Classes 15,17 & 18).
    Edibles (class 19)
    And a Muck Heap prize for the Mistakes.
    Thanks for your help keep ’em coming in chaps :good:

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