Pres Olympics … Day Four.

Pres Olympics … Day Four.


After a clear night with a bright moon, Dawn rose with few clouds at first, but the sky slowly filled with fluffy, white ones and visiting swallows; a sure sign of Autumn approaching, along with those falling ‘golden pennies’ from the Acacia trees.


It’s been a day of off/on/off drizzly bits! so no grass cutting done, again! I did pop across the road and see my friend, Christiane though, and we had a lovely catch-up chin wag over coffee. Before, and after that welcome break for my back [!], I cleared more overgrown herbs from the front beds. We can now open windows more easily. The pile grows!


I should add, that whilst I slave away over a hot stove, or riotous garden growth, Himself is also beavering away mending pipes and fixing electronic clever things too technojollicle for the likes of me! He did get a short rest until the rain you can see on the lens stopped play!


The front beds are gradually becoming cleared.


I am amazed at how the three sheep, currently in the orchard, manage to find enough to eat in the parched field, and cropped hedge!


As the evening sun gently sinks beyond the horizon, I sit here and type and I can hear a chirring sound, which possibly means a cricket in the house somewhere … spooky, country living! I find so many beautiful bugs that I am making a whole blog, just for them. What a pity, Jane’s BBB doesn’t run to a fourth B.



Anne ….. 20.08.2016

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  1. cilla says:

    Is that your orchard Anne? You have such beautiful views there. Your weather is similar to ours although more hot weather is predicted this week. How long are you there for?

    • gertie says:

      Love it Cilla. The views are fabulous, though in recent years tempered by a large, new barn next door on the farm. I love the way the mist rises across in the valley, early morning, until the sun chases it away.
      We have been on the edge of the rain you had recently … frankly could do with more here. The weather pictures always show quite clearly, the sweeping connections and weather patterns.
      We are here until the end of August. :dance: :walt: :rose: Even when I am sometimes reluctant to leave CP I always love it here. :rose:

  2. You might be busy, Anne, but it looks so relaxing ;-)

  3. Beanstew says:

    I swear I will never refer to a trip to the Pres as a holiday again, EVER. And I never would have in the first place, if I had stopped to think of the work involved in keeping two gardens in separate countries going. I can’t even manage to keep one right outside my own door looking decent.. ‘Nuff said.

  4. gertie says:

    Oh Sheila, you have had rotten weather all year, :disappointed: It’s been odd enough down south so I can only imagine, from yours and others’ comments how beastly and contrary it’s been in beautiful Scotland.
    Here, the holiday aspect is the sheer joy of being in beautiful surrounding countryside, with friendly neighbours and , yes, some lovely memories of the children’s capers here in years gone by too. I am sometimes sad that I can’t afford to ‘do up’ the place as it deserves, but heck, we do have it and it’s comfy and lovely, so be happy ennit. :lol: :rose:

  5. gertie says:

    Ps The aim from the start was to find planting that would enhance the garden space and take care of itself …. right, so far so good. That planting has now reached a stage where it most decidedly has a strong life of its own and needs a little reigning in from time to time. The biggest blow of recent years has been the loss, through old age, of our grass cutter, and the inability, so far, of finding another person to employ for the task. :rose:

  6. Yewbarrow says:

    an amazing place Anne – but phew what a lot you both have to do – but it looks all pleasurable and so satisfying I could manage that me thinks and the views etc. are just terrific

  7. gertie says:

    It is :good: and there always is ;-) and you definitely could Jenny :good: :lol: and as you say, the views are lovely as we are half way up a hill.
    ….. [and a correction to myself on an earlier comment, I meant to say ‘reining in’ …. no ‘g’!!] :rose:

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