Pres Olympics ….. Day Six. ….. Bugs and Mini-beasts.

Pres Olympics ….. Day Six.

Bugs and Mini-beasts.


It’s been a beautiful day and whilst Dom was Mr. Fixit and door cleaner, I cut grass.


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On sunny days butterflies still come out and flutter about searching for flowers. They settle for leaves when the flowers run out, and they share the Plumbago with bees.


This Gatekeeper found the last, pink Campion flower. I’m collecting Campion seeds.


I found a number of Lavender Beetles when I was trimming the Rosemary. The beetles are like little jewels.




I found a dead May bug too ….. they are funny little big things.


… and a better dead than alive, frankly, Frelon, i.e. Hornet! No wonder the spiders here grow to ‘Charlotte sized’ proportions!


As I work in the garden I frequently come across assorted bugs, like this green Shield Bug.


The garage hosted loads of enormous Charlottes …..


… and a plethora of snails as well as this great big Cricket!


You had to watch out as they were all around, and above your head too! Ughyuk!


The garage corner was a source of delight however, when Dom found a tiny toad.


It was hiding in a corner garden bed, and subsequently tried to escape our clutches through a crack in the garage wall!


Going, going, nearly gone!


On sunny days there are more butterflies. This Yellow Brimstone looked just like a leaf as it hung upside down amongst real leaves. They flit so fast; very difficult to photograph!



It was accompanied by a Copper.


The grass is full of critters like this, jumping about.


Sunset sky was super.



Anne ….. 22.08.2016





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  1. Lots of bugs, we have a few of these in the garden here in Norfolk too. :good: Glad your having some good weather, Its very hot here today, trying to stay cool but get on with jobs like mowing the grass, but after a disturbed night and 4 hrs of work, not a lot is getting done!!! always tomorrow :rose:

  2. gertie says:

    :lol: I keep thinking that Lynn :good: Trouble is, time here is very limited, until next time :silly: and the plants don’t seem to have caught on, so I have to crack on! One more cuppa, then down a few notches and round again :dance: :walt: :rose:
    Hope you get a better night tonight, and I hope my emails get thro’ because the post doesn’t reach me till the end of the week I think :dunno: HAGE xx :rose:

  3. dixon says:

    All great gertie, :lol: ………….I feel a Burl Ives song coming on. :lol:

  4. gertie says:

    Oh Walt ! You found it :lol: Thank you so much :good: It’s been an all time favourite of mine for years’n’years’n’years :lol:

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