Meet Gilbert … Is He a Prince?

Meet Gilbert … Is He a Prince?


What are they looking at?


If you peer ever so closely, you might just see the shiny nose of a small frog under a stone.


That small frog is Gilbert. Here is a clearer picture of him.


Chaz has been going down to Gertie’s Garden, sometimes with Joz and other Teds, sometimes on his own, where he likes to sit and chat with Gilbert, the frog who lives in Tiny Pond.


Gilbert often sits and watches wood lice and slugs that find their way to Tiny Pond. He finds them very tasty.


Look at him licking his lips as that slug creeps towards him!


The Ted friends try to remember to take down a blanket to sit on, as Gilbert likes wet rocks that don’t suit their furry bottoms. Princess Eiley Ted is fascinated by Gilbert.


They turn on the sprinkling hose for Gilbert, to let him know that they are there, then he pops his head up from the depths of his little home, and they sit and chat with him. Prince Eiley Ted and Bumble can barely see him through the fountain spray, but they can hear his deep croak.


They sit and listen to him for ages even if he rarely pops out to be seen clearly. Gilbert has a lovely, rich baritone voice.


Luther and Cuthbert, two Ted Frogs, often go down to Tiny Pond together and pass the time of day with Gilbert. He comes out from behind his little island forest and sits in the greenery whilst they all chat to each other.


Luther and Cuthbert like to see Gilbert when they talk. Even when Gilbert jumps into the water he stays above the surface by the little island where they can see him.

Gilbert likes their fluffy skin. They, in turn, like Gilbert’s beautiful patterned one.


Gilbert , Luther and Cuthbert are good friends. They enjoy each others’ company and when Luther sometimes says, “Please sing for us Gilbert!” then Gilbert obligingly comes close, pops his head out of the water, and sings.

“Oh what a beautiful voice he has!” breathes Princess Eiley Ted, listening on the other side of Tiny Pond.


Little Princess Eiley Ted is quite smitten with the handsome frog, and secretly harbours thoughts of turning him into a handsome Prince, with a kiss. “Would it work?” she wondered.

She often goes down to see if she can see Gilbert, even in the rain. Prince Eiley, her brother, thinks she’s batty but he gallantly holds an umbrella over her head to prevent her getting wet.


We shall never know, because Princess Eiley Ted has, in reality, no intention of kissing the frog and getting all her lovely white fur wet. Even Teds can dream though, can’t they?


… and maybe frogs dream too.


Look! Gilbert is there in the top left corner. He’s singing in the rain.


Bravo Gilbert … see you another day!



Anne ….. September 2016



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  1. gertie says:

    Thank you Jane :rose: he’s a fab frog, and I have reached a stage where it’s getting harder to find little slugs for him to eat ;-) :rose:

  2. cilla says:

    Brill Anne :good: My frogs only get OH, myself and two cats peering at them…….enough to scare them off :lol:

  3. gertie says:

    Thanks Cilla :lol: I am frankly amazed at how sociable Gilbert is ;-) That darned ginger moggie, who incidentally has found an alternative patch to call his own ggggrrrr!!!!, had better leave Gilbert alone!! :lol:

  4. :good: :high-five: great story Anne and amazing pics of Gilbert :rose:

  5. gertie says:

    :lol: Thank you Lynn :rose: he’s quite photogenic :lol: :rose:

  6. shedsue says:

    Lets hope he meets a lady in spring :love:

  7. gertie says:

    Oh yes Sue, even if they have to ‘move pond for more rooms’ ;-)

  8. I haven’t been on line for a while and have only just come across this post……’s delightful! Wonderful photos and I love frogs.

  9. gertie says:

    Ooh, am so glad you like it Barbara :-) I love frogs too, and especially when they first turn from tadpoles to the real thing, and jump thro’ the grass en masse searching for homes :love: :lol: :rose:

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